File:Thomas W. Kelly (LTG1).pngFile:Thomas W. Spoehr.jpgFile:Timothy J. Maude (LTG1).png
File:Tommy Franks.jpgFile:Training Service Medal (Vietnam).pngFile:Training Service Medal (Vietnam) (1st Class).png
File:Transport and Glider clasp, Bronze (Luftwaffe).pngFile:Transport and Glider clasp, Gold (Luftwaffe).pngFile:Transport and Glider clasp, Silver (Luftwaffe).png
File:Twelfth Army Group.pngFile:U-Boat Combat Clasp (Bronze).pngFile:U-Boat Combat Clasp (silver).png
File:U.S. Army Adjutant General Corps, branch plaque.pngFile:U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery, branch plaque.pngFile:U.S. Army Armor, branch plaque.png
File:U.S. Army Aviation, branch plaque.pngFile:U.S. Army Bands, branch plaque.gifFile:U.S. Army Cavalry, obsolete branch plaque.png
File:U.S. Army Chaplain Corps, branch plaque.gifFile:U.S. Army Chemical Corps, branch plaque.gifFile:U.S. Army Civil Affairs, branch plaque.gif
File:U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, branch plaque.pngFile:U.S. Army Dental Corps, branch plaque.gifFile:U.S. Army Field Artillery, branch plaque.png
File:U.S. Army Finance Corps, branch plaque.gifFile:U.S. Army General Flag (Brigadier General).gifFile:U.S. Army General Flag (Brigadier General, plain).png
File:U.S. Army General Flag (General, plain).pngFile:U.S. Army General Flag (General of the Armies).gifFile:U.S. Army General Flag (General of the Army).gif
File:U.S. Army General Flag (General of the Army, Plain).pngFile:U.S. Army General Flag (General of the Army, plain).pngFile:U.S. Army General Flag (Lieutenant General, plain).png
File:U.S. Army General Flag (Major General).gifFile:U.S. Army General Flag (Major General, plain).pngFile:U.S. Army Infantry, branch plaque.png
File:U.S. Army Inspector General, branch plaque.gifFile:U.S. Army Judge Advocate General (JAG), branch plaque.gifFile:U.S. Army Logistics, branch plaque.png
File:U.S. Army Medical Corps, branch plaque.gifFile:U.S. Army Medical Department Insignia.pngFile:U.S. Army Medical Service Corps, branch plaque.gif
File:U.S. Army Medical Specialist Corps, branch plaque.gifFile:U.S. Army Military Intelligence, branch plaque.gifFile:U.S. Army Military Police Corps, branch plaque.gif
File:U.S. Army Nurse Corps, branch plaque.gifFile:U.S. Army Ordnance Corps, branch plaque.gifFile:U.S. Army Psychological Operations Corps, branch plaque.gif
File:U.S. Army Public Affairs, branch plaque.gifFile:U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps, branch plaque.gifFile:U.S. Army Signal Corps, branch plaque.png
File:U.S. Army Special Forces (USASFC), branch plaque.pngFile:U.S. Army Transportation Corps, branch plaque.gifFile:U.S. Army Veterinary Corps, branch plaque.gif
File:U.S. Special Operations Command (Army Element).pngFile:UBoatBadgeofWar.pngFile:UBoat Combat Clasp in gold.png
File:USA European Command.pngFile:USA Network Enterprise Technology Command.pngFile:USA Pacific Air Command.png
File:USArmy Pacific.pngFile:USMA Flag (old version).pngFile:USMA Patch.png
File:USMA Patch (WWII era).pngFile:US Air Force Seal.pngFile:US Air Forces in Europe.png
File:US Army Air Corps.pngFile:US Army Amphibious Forces.pngFile:US Army Armor Wreath Pin.png
File:US Army Berlin.pngFile:US Army Central DUI.pngFile:US Army Europe.png
File:US Army Flag (ceremonial).pngFile:US Army Forces Command DUI.pngFile:US Army Forces Command Flag.png
File:US Army Material Command Flag.pngFile:US Army Nuremberg War Crimes Trial Staff.pngFile:US Army Ordnance insignia (small version).png
File:US Army Reserve.pngFile:US Army Star Patch (2006 - present).pngFile:US Army Training and Doctrine Command Flag.png
File:US Artillery Insignia (pre 1834).pngFile:US Chaplain Corps (Christ) Insignia.pngFile:US Coast Guard Flag.png
File:US First Army (1918-1950).pngFile:US First Army (1950-1970s).pngFile:US First Army (AG Border, 1970s-present).png
File:US Flag1.pngFile:US Forces, Austria.pngFile:US Infantry (enlisted).png
File:US National Guard.pngFile:US Navy Flag.pngFile:US V Corps.png
File:US V Corps (Alternative).pngFile:US X Corps.pngFile:US parachutist badge (basic).gif
File:Ulysses S. Grant.jpgFile:Ulysses S. Grant (GEN).pngFile:Ulysses S. Grant (GEN1).png
File:Ulysses S. Grant (LTG).pngFile:Unified Combatant Commands map.pngFile:Union Jack (UK).png
File:Unit Commendation (Coast Guard).pngFile:United Nations Command.pngFile:United Nations Korea Medal.png
File:United States Africa Command (USA Element).pngFile:United States Africa Command (badge).pngFile:United States Air Forces, Europe.png
File:United States Antarctic Expedition Medal (1939-1941).pngFile:United States Army Africa.pngFile:United States Army Corps of Engineers SSI.png
File:United States Army Forces South Atlantic.pngFile:United States Army Forces Western Pacific.pngFile:United States Army Forces in Korea.png
File:United States Army Materiel Command.pngFile:United States Army Space and Missile Defense Command.pngFile:United States Army Special Operations Command.png
File:United States Army Vietnam.pngFile:United States Central Command (USA Element).pngFile:United States Central Command (badge).png
File:United States Constabulary.pngFile:United States Cyber Command.pngFile:United States European Command (badge).png
File:United States Forces Korea.pngFile:United States Joint Forces Command (USA Element).pngFile:United States Naval Forces, Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean.png
File:United States Northern Command (USA Element).pngFile:United States Northern Command (badge).pngFile:United States Pacific Command (USA Element).png
File:United States Pacific Command (badge).pngFile:United States Representative, China.pngFile:United States Southern Command.png
File:United States Southern Command (USA Element).pngFile:United States Space Command.pngFile:United States Special Operations Command (USA Element).png
File:United States Special Operations Command (badge).pngFile:United States Strategic Command (USA Element).pngFile:United States Strategic Command (badge).png
File:United States Transportation Command (USA Element).pngFile:United States Transportation Command (badge).pngFile:Upton Birnie, Jr..jpg
File:VANG Distinguished Service Medal.pngFile:VATICAN Order of St. Gregory the Great.pngFile:VIII Corps (US).png
File:VII Corps (DUI).pngFile:VII Corps Positional Flag.pngFile:VII US Corps.png
File:VII US Corps (Alt).pngFile:VII US Corps (Alternative).pngFile:VI US Corps.png
File:V Corps.pngFile:V Corps (DUI).pngFile:Valorous Unit Award.png
File:Valorous Unit Award (1SS).pngFile:Valorous Unit Award streamer.pngFile:Van T. Barfoot.jpg
File:Van T. Barfoot2.jpgFile:Verdun Medal.pngFile:Veteran Affairs patch.png
File:Vice Admiral (US Navy).pngFile:Vice Admiral (US Navy)2.pngFile:Vice Presidential Service Badge.png
File:Vietnam Campaign Medal.pngFile:Vietnam Service Medal.pngFile:Vietnam Service Medal (10SS).png
File:Vietnam Service Medal (11SS).pngFile:Vietnam Service Medal (12SS).pngFile:Vietnam Service Medal (13SS).png
File:Vietnam Service Medal (14SS).pngFile:Vietnam Service Medal (15SS).pngFile:Vietnam Service Medal (1SS).png
File:Vietnam Service Medal (2SS).pngFile:Vietnam Service Medal (3SS).pngFile:Vietnam Service Medal (4SS).png
File:Vietnam Service Medal (5SS).pngFile:Vietnam Service Medal (6SS).pngFile:Vietnam Service Medal (7SS).png
File:Vietnam Service Medal (8SS).pngFile:Vietnam Service Medal (9SS).pngFile:Vietnam Service Medal (AH & 3SS).png
File:Vietnam Service Streamer.pngFile:Viktor Albrecht.pngFile:Vincent E. Boles.jpg
File:Vincent K. Brooks (GEN - USARPAC).pngFile:Virginia Military Institute logo.pngFile:Virtuti Militari (Poland).png
File:Volney F. Warner (GEN - REDCOM).pngFile:Volney F. Warner (MG-9th Infantry Division).pngFile:Volunteer's Medal 1940–1945.png
File:Volunteer Combatant's Medal 1914–1918.pngFile:Wade H. Haislip.pngFile:Wade H. Haislip (Cadet - USMA).png
File:Wade H. Haislip (MG) (1).pngFile:Wade H. Haislip (MG) (2).pngFile:Wade H. Haislip (MG) (3).png
File:Wade H. Haislip (Major).pngFile:Wade H Haislip (GEN).pngFile:Waffen SS Long Service Medal, II Class.png
File:Waffen SS Long Service Medal, IV & I Class.pngFile:Walker K. Armistead.jpgFile:Wallace F. Randolph.png
File:Wallace H. Nutting (GEN - REDCOM).pngFile:Walter A. Jensen.jpgFile:Walter B. Smith2.png
File:Walter B. Smith (LTG) (1).pngFile:Walter C. Baker.jpgFile:Walter C. Short (LTG).png
File:Walter E. Lotz, Jr. (MG).pngFile:Walter E. Piatt.jpgFile:Walter E. Prosser.jpg
File:Walter F. Ulmer, Jr..jpgFile:Walter H. Frank.jpgFile:Walter H. Gordon.jpg
File:Walter K. Wilson, Jr. (LTG).pngFile:Walter K. Wilson.jpgFile:Walter K. Wilson2.jpg
File:Walter Krueger.jpgFile:Walter Krueger2.jpgFile:Walter Krueger (GEN).png
File:Walter Krueger (GEN1).pngFile:Walter Krueger (LTG) (1).pngFile:Walter Kuntze.png
File:Walter L. Weible (MG).pngFile:Walter P. Leber (civilian status).pngFile:Walter R. Weaver.jpg
File:Walter Reed Medal.pngFile:Walter T. Kerwin, Jr. (GEN).pngFile:Walter T. Kerwin, Jr. (LTG).png
File:Walter T. Kerwin, Jr. (MG).pngFile:Walter Wojdakowski.jpgFile:Walton H. Walker (LTG - EA).png
File:War Cross 1918.pngFile:War Cross 1939-1945 (Czech).pngFile:War Merit Cross, 1957 issue.png
File:War Merit Cross, Swords.pngFile:War Merit Cross.pngFile:War Merit Cross (Germany).png
File:War Merit Cross (Italy).pngFile:War Merit Cross (Lippe).pngFile:War Merit Cross (Saxony).png
File:War Merit Medal (Germany).pngFile:War With Spain Streamer.pngFile:War of 1812 Streamer.png
File:Washingtons personal Standard.pngFile:Wayne C. Smith.pngFile:Wedemeyer, Kilbourne, George Pence, Mrs. Kilbourne, Elizabeth E. Wedemeyer.jpg
File:Weimar Republic.pngFile:Welborn G. Dolvin.jpgFile:Welborn G. Dolvin (LTG).png
File:Werner Freiherr von Fritsch.jpgFile:Werner von Blomberg.jpgFile:West Indies Campaign Medal.png
File:West Wall Medal.pngFile:Western Defense Command.pngFile:White House Service Badge.png
File:Wilhelm Cross (Wurttemberg).pngFile:Wilhelm Styer.jpgFile:Willard G. Wyman.png
File:Willard Holbrook, 1920.jpgFile:Willard Holbrook.jpgFile:Willard Latham.png
File:Willard S. Paul (LTG).pngFile:Willard S. Paul (MG).pngFile:Willard W. Scott, Jr. (LTG) (1).png
File:Willard W. Scott, Jr. (LTG) (2).pngFile:Willard W. Scott, Jr. (LTG) (3).pngFile:William A. Knowlton (1LT) 05.03.1945.png
File:William A. Knowlton (Cadet - USMA).pngFile:William A. Knowlton (GEN - NATO1).pngFile:William A. Knowlton (MG - USMA).png
File:William A. Knowlton and his wife.pngFile:William A. Knowlton painting by Everett Raymond Kinstler.pngFile:William A. Knowlton with his future son-in-law, David H. Petreus.png
File:William A. Mann.jpgFile:William B. Bunker (LTG).pngFile:William B. Bunker (LTG) (1).png
File:William B. Bunker (MG).pngFile:William B. Caldwell III (MG) - Fifth Army).pngFile:William B. Caldwell IV.jpg
File:William B. Kean.jpgFile:William B. Rochester.jpgFile:William B. Rosson.jpg
File:William B. Rosson (GEN - USARPAC).pngFile:William B. Rosson (LTG).pngFile:William B. Travis (LTC).png
File:William Bryden.jpgFile:William C. Garrison (MG) (1).pngFile:William C. Gribble, Jr. (LTG).png
File:William C. Lee (BG).pngFile:William C. Westmoreland1.JPGFile:William C. Westmoreland11.jpg
File:William C. Westmoreland12.jpgFile:William C. Westmoreland13.jpgFile:William C. Westmoreland14.jpg
File:William C. Westmoreland15.jpgFile:William C. Westmoreland16.jpgFile:William C. Westmoreland2.JPG
File:William C. Westmoreland3.jpgFile:William C. Westmoreland4.jpgFile:William C. Westmoreland5.jpg
File:William C. Westmoreland6.pngFile:William C. Westmoreland7.jpgFile:William C. Westmoreland8.JPG
File:William C. Westmoreland9.jpgFile:William C. Westmoreland (GEN1).pngFile:William C. Westmoreland (GEN2).png
File:William C. Westmoreland (LTG).pngFile:William C. Westmoreland (MG - 101st Airborne Division).pngFile:William Crozier.jpg
File:William D. Connor.pngFile:William D. Connor1.pngFile:William D. Connor2.jpg
File:William D. Connor3.JPGFile:William E. Brougher.jpgFile:William E. Cole (BG) (1).png
File:William E. DePuy (GEN).pngFile:William E. DePuy (LTG).pngFile:William E. DePuy (LTG1).png
File:William E. Odom (BG).pngFile:William E. Potts.jpgFile:William E. Rapp.jpg
File:William E. Rapp1.jpgFile:William E. Shed, Jr. (MG).pngFile:William F. Dean.jpg
File:William F. Dean1.JPGFile:William F. Halsey2.jpgFile:William F. Hase.jpg
File:William F. Sharp.jpgFile:William F. Train (MG) (1).jpgFile:William G. Haan (MG).png
File:William G. T. Tuttle, Jr. (GEN - AMC).pngFile:William H. Bixby.pngFile:William H. Carter.jpg
File:William H. Hennig 1958.jpgFile:William H. Johnston.jpgFile:William H. Kasten.JPG
File:William H. Maglin.jpgFile:William H. Reno (LTG1).pngFile:William H. S. Wright (LTG).png
File:William H. Simpson.jpgFile:William H. Simpson (GEN).pngFile:William H. Tschappat.jpg
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