File:Red Cross Medal (Prussia).pngFile:Reichswehr.pngFile:Reinhard von Scheffer-Boyadel.png
File:Remus von Woyrsch.pngFile:Rene E. DeR. Hoyle.jpgFile:Replacement and School Command.png
File:Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation.pngFile:Reserve Special Commendation Ribbon.pngFile:Resistance Medal 1940–1945.png
File:Return of Memel Commemorative Medal.pngFile:Reuben D. Jones.jpgFile:Reuben H. Tucker III.png
File:Revolutionary War Streamer.pngFile:Rhett A. Hernandez.jpgFile:Rhett A. Hernandez (LTG) (1).png
File:Richard C. Moore.jpgFile:Richard D. Clarke.jpgFile:Richard D. Clarke1.jpg
File:Richard D. Meyer (LTG).pngFile:Richard D. Winters.pngFile:Richard Delafield.png
File:Richard Donovan.pngFile:Richard E. Cavazos (GEN - FORSCOM).pngFile:Richard G. Stilwell (BG).png
File:Richard G. Stilwell (GEN).pngFile:Richard G. Trefry (LTG).pngFile:Richard H. Thompson (GEN - AMC).png
File:Richard I. Bong.jpgFile:Richard I. Bong2.jpgFile:Richard J. Seitz (LTG).png
File:Richard M. Blatchford (bust).jpgFile:Richard P. Scott.pngFile:Richard R. Taylor (LTG).png
File:Richard von Schubert.pngFile:Richmond P. Davis.jpgFile:Ridgely Gaither.jpg
File:Ridgely Gaither (BG).pngFile:Ridgely Gaither (LTG) (1).pngFile:Robert A. Schow (MG).png
File:Robert Brent.jpgFile:Robert C. Kingston (GEN - USCENTCOM).pngFile:Robert C. McAlister (LTG).png
File:Robert C. Richardson, Jr. (LTG).pngFile:Robert C. Richardson1.jpgFile:Robert D. Orton.jpg
File:Robert D. Shadley.jpgFile:Robert E. Coffin (LTG).pngFile:Robert E. Coffin (MG).png
File:Robert F. Foley.jpgFile:Robert F. Foley1.jpgFile:Robert F. Foley2.jpg
File:Robert F. Sink (MG) (1).jpgFile:Robert G. Yerks (BG).pngFile:Robert H. Allen.jpg
File:Robert H. Mills.jpgFile:Robert H. Wienecke (MG).pngFile:Robert H. York.jpg
File:Robert H. York (LTG).pngFile:Robert Hackett, MG 1962.JPGFile:Robert Hackett (LTG).png
File:Robert Haldane (BG).pngFile:Robert Haldane (LTG).pngFile:Robert J. Baer (LTG).png
File:Robert J. Fleming.jpgFile:Robert J. Wood2.jpgFile:Robert J. Wood (GEN - DMA).png
File:Robert Kosch.pngFile:Robert L. Bullard.PNGFile:Robert L. Caslen, Jr..jpg
File:Robert L. Caslen, Jr.1.jpgFile:Robert L. Caslen, Jr. (LTG - USMA).pngFile:Robert L. Eichelberger.jpg
File:Robert L. Eichelberger (LTG).pngFile:Robert L. Eichelberger (LTG - EA).pngFile:Robert L. Fair (LTG) (1).png
File:Robert L. Fair (MG).pngFile:Robert L. Howze.jpgFile:Robert L. Wetzel.jpg
File:Robert M. Danford.pngFile:Robert M. Elton (LTG).pngFile:Robert M. Elton (LTG1).png
File:Robert M. Shoemaker (GEN - FORSCOM).pngFile:Robert N. Young (MG).pngFile:Robert Patterson.jpg
File:Robert R. Williams (LTG).pngFile:Robert Richardson cadet.jpgFile:Robert S. Beightler.jpg
File:Robert T. Clark.jpgFile:Robert T. Clark (MG - 5th US Army).pngFile:Robert W. Colglazier (LTG).png
File:Robert W. Cone (GEN - TRADOC).pngFile:Robert W. Grow.jpgFile:Robert W. Noonan (LTG).png
File:Robert W. Porter Jr..jpgFile:Robert W. RisCassi (GEN - UNC & CFC & USFK & EUSA).pngFile:Roderick L. Carmichael.jpg
File:Roderick L. Carmichael2.jpgFile:Rodney L. Johnson.jpgFile:Ronald L. Watts (LTG).png
File:Roscoe B. Woodruff.jpgFile:Roscoe C. Crawford.jpgFile:Roscoe Robinson, Jr. (GEN - NATO Military Committee).png
File:Royal B. Lord.jpgFile:Royal Merit Order of Saint Michael.pngFile:Royal Order of Saint George.png
File:Royal Order of the Lion, Commander.pngFile:Royal Order of the Lion, Grand Cross.pngFile:Royal Order of the Lion, Grand Officer.png
File:Royal Order of the Lion, Officer.pngFile:Royal Order of the Lion.pngFile:Royal Order of the Sword.png
File:Royal Victorian Order.pngFile:Rufus Putnam.jpgFile:Rufus Putnam (BG).png
File:Rush B. Lincoln.jpgFile:Russel L. Honoré (LTG) (1).pngFile:Russel L. Honoré (LTG - First US Army).png
File:Russel L. Honoré (LTG - First US Army2).pngFile:Russel L. Honoré (MG - US Northern Command).pngFile:Russel L. Honoré (MG - US Northern Command2).png
File:Russel L. Vittrup (LTG).pngFile:Russel L. Vittrup (LTG) (1).pngFile:Russel P. Hartle (MG).png
File:Russell L. Maxwell.jpgFile:Russell P. Hartle.jpgFile:Ryukyus command.png
File:S. LeRoy Irwin (MG).pngFile:SD Sleeve Insignia.pngFile:SHAEF patch.png
File:SS Civil Badge.pngFile:SS Honor Ring.pngFile:SS Membership Runes for Order Police.png
File:Salvage Diver.pngFile:Sam S. Walker (GEN).pngFile:Sam S. Walker (MG).png
File:Sampson Medal.pngFile:Samuel B. M. Young (MG).pngFile:Samuel D. Sturgis, Jr.2.jpg
File:Samuel D. Sturgis, Jr. (BG).pngFile:Samuel D. Sturgis, Jr. (LTG).pngFile:Samuel Hof.jpg
File:Samuel L. Myers (LTG).pngFile:Samuel M. Mills.jpgFile:Sanderford Jarman, AEF.jpg
File:Sanderford Jarman, MG.jpgFile:Sanderford Jarman Cadet.jpgFile:Sapper Tab.png
File:Sea Battle Badge, Bronze (Luftwaffe).pngFile:Sea Battle Badge, Silver (Luftwaffe).pngFile:Sea Battle Badge, gold (Luftwaffe).png
File:Second Army (DUI).pngFile:Second Army (United States).pngFile:Second Army alternative (United States).png
File:Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition Medal (medal only).pngFile:Second Class Diver.pngFile:Selected Marine Corps Reserve Medal.png
File:Selected Reserve Force Ribbon (Georgia).pngFile:Senior Flight Surgeon Badge.pngFile:Senior Parachutist Badge.png
File:Sergeant Insignia.pngFile:Service Medal (Georgia).pngFile:Service Ribbon (Arizona).png
File:Services of Supply (WWI).pngFile:Seventh Army (DUI).pngFile:Seventh Army (United States).png
File:Sheridan with staff.jpgFile:Sherman Miles.jpgFile:Siberian A.E.F..png
File:Sidney B. Barry.jpgFile:Sidney B. Barry.pngFile:Sidney B. Berry, Jr. (LTG - USMA).png
File:Sidney B. Berry2.JPGFile:Sidney B. Berry (LTG).pngFile:Sidney T. Weinstein (LTG).png
File:Signal Corps Military Aviator Badge.pngFile:Silesian Eagle Medal, II class.pngFile:Silesian Eagle Medal, I class.png
File:Silver Buffalo Award BSA.pngFile:Silver Lifesaving Medal.pngFile:Silver Medal for Bravery (Montenegro).png
File:Silver Military Merit Medal (Wurttemberg).pngFile:Silver Service Chevron.pngFile:Silver Service Star.png
File:Silver Star.pngFile:Silver Star (1 Oakleaf).pngFile:Silver Star (2OLC).png
File:Silver Star (3OLC).pngFile:Silver Star (4OLC).pngFile:Silver Star (6OLC).png
File:Silver Star (8SS).pngFile:Silver Star (full).jpgFile:Silver Star (medal only).png
File:Silver oak leaf cluster.pngFile:Simon B. Buckner, Jr..jpgFile:Simon B. Buckner, Jr. (LTG).png
File:Sixth Army (DUI).pngFile:Sixth Army (United States).pngFile:Sixth Army Group.png
File:Sixth Army Original (United States).pngFile:Sixth Army alternative (United States).pngFile:SmallBattleUnitCombatClasp(silver).png
File:SmallBattleUnit CombatClasp (gold).pngFile:Small Battle Unit Combat Clasp (bronze).pngFile:Sniper's Badge.png
File:Society of the Cincinnati.pngFile:Soldier's Medal.pngFile:Sons of the Revolution Medal.png
File:South East Asia Command.pngFile:South Korea Flag.pngFile:Southern Cross of Honor.png
File:Southern Defense Command.pngFile:Southwest African Campaign Medal (German Empire).pngFile:Southwest Asia Service Medal.png
File:Southwest Asia Service Medal (1SS).pngFile:Southwest Asia Service Medal (2SS).pngFile:Southwest Asia Service Streamer.png
File:Southwest Asia Service Support Ribbon (Arizona).pngFile:Soviet Guards Badge.pngFile:Space.png
File:Space5.pngFile:Space Badge.pngFile:Spanish Campaign Medal.png
File:Spanish Campaign Medal (full).jpgFile:Spanish Campaign Medal (pre-1913).pngFile:Spanish Cross (Germany).png
File:Spanish Volunteer Medal.pngFile:Spanish War Service Medal.pngFile:Spanish War Service Medal (full).jpg
File:Special Breast Order of Yun Hui.pngFile:Special Forces Tab.pngFile:Special Operations Diver.png
File:Special Operations Diving Supervisor.pngFile:Special Operations Ribbon (Georgia).pngFile:Special Service Medal (Vietnam).png
File:Specially Meritorious Service Medal.pngFile:Staff Service Medal (Vietnam).pngFile:Staff Specialist Corps.gif
File:Stanley D. Embick1.jpgFile:Stanley D. Embick2.jpgFile:Stanley D. Embick3.JPG
File:Stanley D. Embick4.jpgFile:Stanley D. Embick (LTG).pngFile:Stanley H. Ford (BG).png
File:Stanley R. Larsen (LTG).pngFile:Stanley R. Mickelsen, 8.1.1955.jpgFile:Star of Abdon Calderon, I Class.png
File:Star of Abdon Calderon.pngFile:Star of Abdon Calderon (III class) (modern).pngFile:Star of Abdon Calderon (II class) (modern).png
File:Star of Abdon Calderon (I class) (modern).pngFile:Star of Military Merit (Chile).pngFile:Starry with Wife (Letty), graduation day.jpg
File:State Service Medal (Alaska).pngFile:Stephen G. Henry (MG).pngFile:Stephen O. Fuqua.png
File:Stephen V. Benet.pngFile:Strategic Air Command.pngFile:Stuart Cutler (BG).png
File:Subsistence Department insignia.pngFile:Sudetenland Commemorative Medal.pngFile:Summerall, GN.jpg
File:Summerall, GN2.pngFile:Summerall, GN3.jpgFile:Summerall, GN4.png
File:Summerall, MG.jpgFile:Summerall, MG2.jpgFile:Summerall, MG3.jpg
File:Summerall, MG4.jpgFile:Summerall by Bill Jordan.pngFile:Superior Service Medal (Texas).png
File:Superior Unit Award.pngFile:Superior Unit Award streamer.pngFile:Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe.png
File:Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe SSI.pngFile:Sword of John E. Wool.jpgFile:Sylvanus Thayer Award.png
File:TIME 10.15.1944.jpgFile:TIME 10.30.1944.jpgFile:TIME 12.29.1941.jpg
File:TIME 3.25.1935.jpgFile:TIME 3.30.1942.jpgFile:TIME 4.30.1951.jpg
File:TIME 5.9.1949.jpgFile:TIME 7.10.1950.jpgFile:TIME 8.27.1945.jpg
File:TUNISIAN Order of Glory.pngFile:Tank Battle Badge (Luftwaffe).pngFile:Tank Corps (2).png
File:Tank Destruction Badge (Silver).pngFile:Tank Destruction Badge (gold).pngFile:Tasker H. Bliss (GEN).png
File:Tasker H. Bliss (GEN1).pngFile:Technical Observer Badge.pngFile:Technical Service Medal (Vietnam).png
File:Technical Service Medal (Vietnam) (1st Class).pngFile:Teddy G. Allen (LTG).pngFile:Tenth Army (United States).png
File:Territorial Guard Medal (Alaska).pngFile:Terry M. Allen1.jpgFile:Texas Cavalry Service Medal (medallion only).png
File:Thaddeus H. Stanton.jpgFile:The Citadel.pngFile:Theodore D. Martin.jpg
File:Theodore G. Stroup, Jr. (LTG1).pngFile:Theodore J. Conway (GEN - STRICOM).pngFile:Theodore J. Conway (LTG).png
File:Theodore W. Parker (GEN - SHAPE).pngFile:Theodore W. Parker (LTG).pngFile:Third Army (United States).png
File:Thomas A. Schwartz (GEN - FORSCOM).pngFile:Thomas A. Terry.jpgFile:Thomas B. Larkin.JPG
File:Thomas C. Kinkaid.pngFile:Thomas G. Miller (LTG) (1).pngFile:Thomas H. Green.jpg
File:Thomas H. Ruger.JPGFile:Thomas H. Tackaberry (LTG).pngFile:Thomas Hickey (MG) (12.19.1950).png
File:Thomas J. Hayes.jpgFile:Thomas L. Casey.jpgFile:Thomas L. Harrold (LTG).png
File:Thomas M. Anderson.jpgFile:Thomas M. Anderson1.jpgFile:Thomas M. Anderson2.jpg
File:Thomas M. Robins.jpgFile:Thomas M. Tarpley.JPGFile:Thomas M. Tarpley (MG).png
File:Thomas N. Griffin, Jr. (LTG).pngFile:Thomas P. Bostick (LTG).pngFile:Thomas P. Bostick (LTG - Chief of Engineers).png
File:Thomas P. Carney (LTG).pngFile:Thomas Q. Ashburn.jpgFile:Thomas Q. Ashburn2.jpg
File:Thomas R. Dickinson.jpgFile:Thomas R. Turner II.jpgFile:Thomas R. Turner II (MG - 101st Airborne Division).png
File:Thomas T. Handy2.pngFile:Thomas T. Handy (painting).pngFile:Thomas Troy Handy.jpg
File:Thomas W. Dunn (LTG-1).png
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