File:Order of Military Merit (Mexico).pngFile:Order of Military Merit (Mexico) (Modern).pngFile:Order of Military Merit (for Merit) (Cuba).png
File:Order of Military Merit Chung Mu.pngFile:Order of Military Merit Teaguk.pngFile:Order of Military Merit Teaguk (1SS).png
File:Order of Military Merit Ulchi.pngFile:Order of Military Merit Wharang.pngFile:Order of National Glory.png
File:Order of National Security Merit, Gukseon (modern).pngFile:Order of National Security Merit, Tong Il (modern).pngFile:Order of Naval Merit (Bolivia).png
File:Order of Olga.pngFile:Order of Orange-Nassau.pngFile:Order of Orange-Nassau (Commander).png
File:Order of Orange-Nassau (Grand Cross).pngFile:Order of Orange-Nassau (Grand Officer).pngFile:Order of Orange-Nassau (Officer).png
File:Order of Ouissam Alaouite (Commander).pngFile:Order of Ouissam Alaouite (Grand Cross).pngFile:Order of Ouissam Alaouite (Grand Officer).png
File:Order of Ouissam Alaouite (Officer).pngFile:Order of Philip the Magnanimous.pngFile:Order of Polonia Restituta, Commander.png
File:Order of Polonia Restituta, Grand Cross.pngFile:Order of Polonia Restituta.pngFile:Order of Prince Danilo I.png
File:Order of Red Banner.pngFile:Order of Saint Elizabeth.pngFile:Order of Saint Hubert.png
File:Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus.pngFile:Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus (Commander).pngFile:Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus (Grand Cross).png
File:Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus (Grand Officer).pngFile:Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus (Officer).pngFile:Order of Sidonia (Saxony).png
File:Order of Sikatuna, commander (Philippines).pngFile:Order of Simon Bolivar (Bolivia).pngFile:Order of St. Charles, Grand Cross.png
File:Order of St. Olav, Commander.pngFile:Order of St. Olav, Commander with Star.pngFile:Order of St. Olav, Grand Cross.png
File:Order of St. Olav, Officer 1st Class.pngFile:Order of St. Olav.pngFile:Order of St Michael and St George.png
File:Order of Suvorov.pngFile:Order of Suvorov II Class.pngFile:Order of Theresa.png
File:Order of Vasco Nunez de Balboa.pngFile:Order of Vasco Núñez de Balboa, Commader.pngFile:Order of Vasco Núñez de Balboa, Grand Cross.png
File:Order of Vasco Núñez de Balboa, Grand Officer.pngFile:Order of Victory.pngFile:Order of the African Star, Commander.png
File:Order of the African Star, Grand Cross.pngFile:Order of the African Star, Grand Officer.pngFile:Order of the African Star, Officer.png
File:Order of the African Star.pngFile:Order of the Aztec Eagle, III class.pngFile:Order of the Aztec Eagle, I class.png
File:Order of the Aztec Eagle.pngFile:Order of the Bath.pngFile:Order of the Bath1.png
File:Order of the Black Eagle.pngFile:Order of the Black Eagle (Medal only).pngFile:Order of the Black Star, Commander.png
File:Order of the Black Star (French Dahomey).pngFile:Order of the British Empire.pngFile:Order of the British Empire (Civilian).png
File:Order of the Cloud and Banner, Grand Cordon.pngFile:Order of the Cloud and Banner (III class).pngFile:Order of the Cloud and Banner (Special Grand Cordon).png
File:Order of the Companions of Honour.pngFile:Order of the Condor of the Andes.pngFile:Order of the Crown, Commander (Belgium).png
File:Order of the Crown, Commander (Belgium) (Palm).pngFile:Order of the Crown, Grand Cross (Belgium).pngFile:Order of the Crown, Grand Cross (Belgium) (Palm).png
File:Order of the Crown, Grand Officer (Belgium).pngFile:Order of the Crown, Grand Officer (Belgium) (Palm).pngFile:Order of the Crown, Officer (Belgium).png
File:Order of the Crown (Belgium).pngFile:Order of the Crown (Medal only).pngFile:Order of the Crown (Thailand).png
File:Order of the Crown (Württemberg).pngFile:Order of the Crown of Italy, Commander.pngFile:Order of the Crown of Italy, Grand Cross.png
File:Order of the Crown of Italy, Grand Officer.pngFile:Order of the Crown of Italy.pngFile:Order of the Crown of Prussia.png
File:Order of the Crown of Romania (1888 - 1932 version).pngFile:Order of the Crown of Romania (Modern version).pngFile:Order of the Crown of Romania (Modern version) (Knight).png
File:Order of the Crown of Thailand (1st Class).pngFile:Order of the Crown of Thailand (2nd Class).pngFile:Order of the Garter.png
File:Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau.pngFile:Order of the Golden Grain.pngFile:Order of the Golden Lion.png
File:Order of the Holy Trinity.pngFile:Order of the Liberator.pngFile:Order of the Liberator General San Martin, Grand Officer.png
File:Order of the Lion.pngFile:Order of the Netherlands Lion.pngFile:Order of the Nile (Commander).png
File:Order of the Nile (Grand Cordon).pngFile:Order of the Oak Crown.pngFile:Order of the Oak Crown (Grand Cross).png
File:Order of the Paulownia Flowers.pngFile:Order of the Phoenix.pngFile:Order of the Red Banner.png
File:Order of the Red Eagle.pngFile:Order of the Red Eagle (Medal only).pngFile:Order of the Redeemer.png
File:Order of the Resistance (Luxembourg).pngFile:Order of the Rising Sun, Grand Cordon.pngFile:Order of the Rising Sun (Japan).png
File:Order of the Rue Crown (Saxony).pngFile:Order of the Sacred Treasure.pngFile:Order of the Sacred Tripod (Grand Cordon).png
File:Order of the Southern Cross, Commander (Brazil).pngFile:Order of the Southern Cross, Grand Cross (Brazil).pngFile:Order of the Southern Cross, Grand Officer (Brazil).png
File:Order of the Southern Cross, Officer (Brazil).pngFile:Order of the Southern Cross (Brazil).pngFile:Order of the Star of Brabant.png
File:Order of the Star of Karageorge.pngFile:Order of the Sun, Commander.pngFile:Order of the Sun, Grand Cross.png
File:Order of the Sun, Grand Officer.pngFile:Order of the Sun, Officer.pngFile:Order of the Sun.png
File:Order of the Sun (Peru).pngFile:Order of the Thistle.pngFile:Order of the Tower and Sword (medal only).png
File:Order of the White Eagle, II class.pngFile:Order of the White Eagle (Serbia).pngFile:Order of the White Elephant, I class.png
File:Order of the White Lion.pngFile:Order of the White Lion (III Class).pngFile:Order of the White Lion (II Class).png
File:Order of the White Lion (II class) (Modern).pngFile:Order of the White Lion (I Class).pngFile:Order of the Zähringer Lion.png
File:Order pro merito Melitensi (Malta).pngFile:Organizational Excellence Award (Air Force).pngFile:Orlando Ward.jpg
File:Orren R. Whiddon (LTG) (1).pngFile:Orwin C. Talbott.jpgFile:Oskar Ritter von Xylander.png
File:Ostvolk Medal.pngFile:Oswald Lutz (German general).pngFile:Otho H. Williams (BG).png
File:Otto-Wilhelm Förster.pngFile:Otto Kress von Kressenstein.pngFile:Otto P. Weyland.jpg
File:Otto Tiemann.pngFile:Otto von Marchtaler.pngFile:Outstanding Airman of the Year Ribbon.png
File:Outstanding Service Medal (New Mexico).pngFile:Outstanding Service Medal (Texas).pngFile:Outstanding Unit Award (Air Force).png
File:Outstanding Unit Citation (New Mexico).pngFile:Overseas Service Bar (WWI).pngFile:Overseas Service Bar (WWII).png
File:Overseas Training Ribbon (Arizona).pngFile:POLISH Order of the Cross of Grunwald.pngFile:Pacific Ocean Area Theater.png
File:Pacific Star.pngFile:Panama Canal Department.pngFile:Panama Canal Division.png
File:Panzer Badge (Silver).pngFile:Panzer Badge (bronze).pngFile:Parachutist Badge, Bronze (Germany).png
File:Parachutist Badge, Gold (Germany).pngFile:Parachutist Badge, Gold (Luftwaffe).pngFile:Parachutist Badge, Silver (Germany).png
File:Parachutist Badge.pngFile:Parachutist Badge (2 jumps).pngFile:Parachutist Badge (Belgium).png
File:Parachutist Badge (France).pngFile:Parachutist Badge (Italy).pngFile:Parachutist Badge (Japan).png
File:Parachutist Badge (Poland).pngFile:Parachutist Badge (Thailand).pngFile:Parachutist Badge (United Kingdom).png
File:Parachutist Badge (Vietnam).pngFile:Pat W. Crizer (LTG).pngFile:Pathfinder Badge.png
File:Patricia D. Horoho (LTG - Surgeon General).pngFile:Patricia E. McQuistion (LTG - AMC).pngFile:Patrick J. Hurley.jpg
File:Patton, Bradely, Hodges, Eisenhower.jpgFile:Patton, Bradely, Hodges, Eisenhower2.jpgFile:Patton, Bradely, Hodges, Eisenhower3.jpg
File:Patton, Juin, Marenches, Legentilhomm.jpgFile:Patton, keyes (2).jpgFile:Paul A. Mayo.jpg
File:Paul B. Malone1.jpgFile:Paul B. Malone2.jpgFile:Paul B. Malone3.jpg
File:Paul B. Malone4.jpgFile:Paul B. Malone6.jpgFile:Paul D. Adams (GEN - STRICOM).png
File:Paul D. Adams (MG).pngFile:Paul D. Eaton.jpgFile:Paul D. Harkins (COL - USMA).png
File:Paul D. Harkins (GEN).pngFile:Paul D. Harkins (LTG).pngFile:Paul E. Blackwell (LTG).png
File:Paul E. Menoher, Jr. (LTG).pngFile:Paul F. Gorman (GEN - USSOUTHCOM).pngFile:Paul J. LaCamera.jpg
File:Paul L. Freeman, Jr. (GEN).pngFile:Paul L. Freeman, Jr. (GEN1).pngFile:Paul L. Freeman (MG).png
File:Paul L. Freeman (MG) (3).jpgFile:Paul L. Freeman 7.6.1966.jpgFile:Paul W. Caraway (LTG).png
File:Paul W. Kendall.jpgFile:Paul von Hindenburg (Generaloberst).pngFile:Peary Polar Expedition Medal (medal only).png
File:Peggy C. Combs.jpgFile:Perfect Attendance Ribbon (New Mexico).pngFile:Perry L. Wiggins (LTG).jpg
File:Perry Polar Expedition Medal.pngFile:Persian Gulf Command.pngFile:Personnel Assigned to DOD and Joint Activities.png
File:Peter E. Traub.jpgFile:Peter J. Boylan, Jr..jpgFile:Peter J. Schoomaker (GEN).png
File:Peyton C. March (GEN).pngFile:Peyton C. March (GEN1).pngFile:Philip B. Peyton.jpg
File:Philip H. Sheridan1.jpgFile:Philip H. Sheridan (LTG1).pngFile:Philip H. Sheridan (LTG2).png
File:Philip R. Feir.jpgFile:Philippine Campaign Medal.pngFile:Philippine Campaign Medal (full).jpg
File:Philippine Campaign Medal (pre-1913 Navy version).pngFile:Philippine Congressional Medal.pngFile:Philippine Defense Medal.png
File:Philippine Defense Medal (1SS).pngFile:Philippine Defense Medal (2SS).pngFile:Philippine Department.png
File:Philippine Independence Medal.pngFile:Philippine Insurrection Streamer.pngFile:Philippine Legion of Honor, Chief Commander.png
File:Philippine Legion of Honor, Commander.pngFile:Philippine Legion of Honor.pngFile:Philippine Liberation Medal.png
File:Philippine Liberation Medal (1SS).pngFile:Philippine Liberation Medal (2SS).pngFile:Philippine Medal of Valor.png
File:Philippine Republic Presidential Unit Citation.pngFile:Pilot-Observer's Badge (Luftwaffe).pngFile:Pilot Badge (Yugoslavia).png
File:Pilot and observer badge.pngFile:Pistol Expert (Army) (Obsolete).pngFile:Plain Black Ribbon (German Style ribbon).png
File:Plain Red Ribbon (German style).pngFile:Plain White Ribbon (German style).pngFile:Plain yellow ribbon (German style).png
File:Political Prisoner's Cross 1940–1945.pngFile:Political Prisoner's Medal 1914–1918.pngFile:Port of Embarkation Patch.png
File:Pour le Mérite.pngFile:Pour le Mérite1.pngFile:President's Hundred Tab.png
File:Presidential Citizens Medal.pngFile:Presidential Medal of Freedom.pngFile:Presidential Medal of Merit (Nicaragua).png
File:Presidential Service Badge.pngFile:Presidential Unit Citation.pngFile:Presidential Unit Citation (1 OLC).png
File:Presidential Unit Citation (2 OLC).pngFile:Presidential Unit Citation (6 OLC).pngFile:Presidential Unit Citation (Air Force).png
File:Presidential Unit Citation (Coast Guard).pngFile:Presidential Unit Citation (Navy & Marine)(1BS).pngFile:Presidential Unit Citation (Navy & Marine).png
File:Presidential Unit Citation (Navy & Marine Corps).pngFile:Presidential Unit Citation (Vietnam).pngFile:Presidential Unit Citation streamer (Army).png
File:Presidential inauguration of Gen. Hugh P. Harris, The Citadel.jpgFile:Preston Brown (BG) (1).pngFile:Prisoner of War Medal.png
File:Prisoner of War Medal 1940–1945.pngFile:Private Insignia.pngFile:Prussian Long Service Medal.png
File:Puerto Rican Department.pngFile:Purple Heart.pngFile:Purple Heart (1 Oakleaf).png
File:Purple Heart (2OLC).pngFile:Purple Heart (3OLC).pngFile:Purple Heart (5OLC).png
File:Purple Heart (7SS).pngFile:Purple Heart (full).jpgFile:Purple Heart (medal only).png
File:Purple Heart Medal (Texas).pngFile:Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal.pngFile:Queen Elizabeth Medal (Belgium).png
File:Quick; 5.19.1952.jpgFile:R.O.K.-U.S. Combined Forces Command insignia.pngFile:Radio Operator-Air Gunner Badge, Bronze (Luftwaffe).png
File:Radio Operator-Air Gunner Badge, Silver (Luftwaffe).pngFile:Ralph E. Haines, Jr. (GEN - CONARC).pngFile:Ralph E. Haines, Jr. (GEN - USARPAC).png
File:Ralph E. Haines, Jr. (GEN - USARPAC) (2).pngFile:Ralph E. Haines, Jr. (LTG - III Corps) (2).pngFile:Ralph E. Haines, Jr. (LTG - II Corps).png
File:Ralph E. Haines, Jr. (MG).pngFile:Ralph E. Haines, Jr. (MG) (3).pngFile:Ralph Haines, Jr. (BG) (promotion ceremony, 26 Jul 1960).png
File:Ralph J. Butchers.jpgFile:Ralph McT. Pennell.jpgFile:Ralph P. Cousins.jpg
File:Ralph Truman.jpgFile:Ralph W. Zwicker (MG -XXCorps).pngFile:Randall E. Horn.jpg
File:Ranger Tab.pngFile:Raphael D. Tice (LTG).pngFile:Ray E. Porter (BG).png
File:Ray E. Porter (MG).pngFile:Raymond A. Wheeler.pngFile:Raymond F. Fowler.jpg
File:Raymond T. Odierno (GEN).pngFile:Raymond W. Curtis (MG) (1).pngFile:Re-enlistment Ribbon (Arizona).png
File:Rear Admiral (US Navy).pngFile:Rear Admiral (US Navy)2.pngFile:Rear Admiral (lower half) (US Navy).png
File:Rear Admiral (lower half) (US Navy)2.pngFile:Rebecca S. Halstead.jpgFile:Reconnaissance Clasp, Bronze (Luftwaffe).png
File:Reconnaissance Clasp, Gold (Luftwaffe).pngFile:Reconnaissance Clasp, Silver (Luftwaffe).pngFile:Recruiting Ribbon (Arizona).png
File:Recruiting Ribbon (Georgia).pngFile:Recruiting Ribbon (Illinois).pngFile:Recruiting Ribbon (New Mexico).png
File:Recruiting and Retention Ribbon (Alaska).png
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