File:Master Parachutist Badge (4 Jumps).pngFile:Master Parachutist Badge (5 Jumps).pngFile:Matthew B. Ridgway (GEN).png
File:Matthew B. Ridgway (GEN1).pngFile:Matthew B. Ridgway (LTG - EA).pngFile:Matthew B. Ridgway (MG1).png
File:Max C. Tyler.jpgFile:Max von Boehn.pngFile:Max von Fabeck.png
File:Maximilian Order for Science and Art.pngFile:Maximilian von Prittwitz.pngFile:Maxwell D. Taylor (GEN- UNC).png
File:Maxwell D. Taylor (GEN1).pngFile:Maxwell D. Taylor (MG - 101st Airborne Divison).pngFile:Maxwell Murray.jpg
File:Maxwell R. Thurman (GEN - VCSA).pngFile:Maxwell R. Thurman (LTG).pngFile:McClellan.jpg
File:Mclain, Kean, Bradley, Hodges, Simpson Nov, 22, 1944.jpgFile:Medal for Humane Action.pngFile:Medal for Resistance against Nazism in the Annexed Territories (Deserters).png
File:Medal for Resistance against Nazism in the Annexed Territories (Expulsed).pngFile:Medal for Resistance against Nazism in the Annexed Territories (Others).pngFile:Medal for Services Rendered.png
File:Medal for Valor (Georgia).pngFile:Medal for Valor (Hawaii).pngFile:Medal for the Centennial of the Republic of Liberia.png
File:Medal of Belgian Gratitude 1940–1945.pngFile:Medal of Distinction (Nicaragua).pngFile:Medal of Honor, Air Force (medal only).png
File:Medal of Honor, Army (medal only).pngFile:Medal of Honor, Navy (medal only).pngFile:Medal of Honor.png
File:Medal of Honor (2nd type) (Arizona).pngFile:Medal of Honor (Hawaii).pngFile:Medal of Honor (full).png
File:Medal of Honor ribbon (original).pngFile:Medal of La Solidaridad.pngFile:Medal of La Solidaridad (Silver & Gold).png
File:Medal of La Solidaridad (full).jpgFile:Medal of Merit (Illinois).pngFile:Medal of Merit (New Mexico).png
File:Medal of Merit (Texas).pngFile:Medal of Military Merit (Belgium).pngFile:Medal of Pope Pius XII.png
File:Medal of Valor (Arizona).pngFile:Medal of Valor (Illinois).pngFile:Medal of Valor (Italy).png
File:Medal of Valor (New Mexico).pngFile:Medal of War (Brazil).pngFile:Medal of the Recruiting Centers 1940.png
File:Medal of the Russian Campaign.pngFile:Mediterranean Allied Air Forces (2).pngFile:Melvin Zais (GEN).png
File:Melvin Zais (LTG).pngFile:Melvin Zais (MG).pngFile:Melvyn S. Montano.jpg
File:Membership Badge, German Academy of Aeronautical Research.pngFile:Merch B. Stewart.jpgFile:Merit Cross (Prussia).png
File:Merit Cross for War Aid (Prussia).pngFile:Merit Order of St. Michael.pngFile:Merit Order of the Bavarian Crown.png
File:Meritorious Service Medal.pngFile:Meritorious Service Medal (3OLC).pngFile:Meritorious Service Medal (Arizona).png
File:Meritorious Service Medal (Georgia).pngFile:Meritorious Service Medal (Missouri).pngFile:Meritorious Service Medal (medal only).png
File:Meritorious Team Commendation (Coast Guard).pngFile:Meritorious Unit Citation.pngFile:Meritorious Unit Commendation (Air Force).png
File:Meritorious Unit Commendation (Coast Guard).pngFile:Meritorious Unit Commendation (Navy & Marine Corps).pngFile:Meritorious Unit Commendation streamer (Army).png
File:Merril's Marauders patch.pngFile:Metz Liberation Medal.pngFile:Mexican Border Service Medal.png
File:Mexican Border Service Medal (full).jpgFile:Mexican Border Service Medal (medal only).pngFile:Mexican Expedition Streamer.png
File:Mexican Service Medal, Army (medal only).pngFile:Mexican Service Medal, Navy (medal only).pngFile:Mexican Service Medal.png
File:Mexican Service Medal (full).jpgFile:Mexican War Streamer.pngFile:Michael D. Barbero.jpg
File:Michael D. Rochelle (LTG).pngFile:Michael Ferriter.jpgFile:Michael Ferriter1.jpg
File:Michael S. Davison.jpgFile:Michael S. Davison (BG).pngFile:Michael S. Davison (GEN).png
File:Michael S. Davison (GEN2).pngFile:Michael S. Linnington.jpgFile:Michael S. Tucker (LTG - First US Army).png
File:Michael S. Tucker (MG).pngFile:Middle-East Theater of Operations.pngFile:Military Academy Ribbon (NCO) (Arizona).png
File:Military Academy Ribbon (OCS) (Arizona).pngFile:Military Airlift Command.pngFile:Military Assistance Advisory Group Taiwan.gif
File:Military Assistance Command, Vietnam.pngFile:Military Cross (Belgium).pngFile:Military Decoration, Gallantry (Belgium).png
File:Military Decoration, Long Service (Belgium).pngFile:Military District of Washington.pngFile:Military Freefall Parachutist Badge (Basic).png
File:Military Freefall Parachutist Badge (Expert).pngFile:Military Freefall Parachutist Badge (Master).pngFile:Military Karl-Friedrich Merit Order.png
File:Military Medal for Merit (Czech).pngFile:Military Medical Cross, 1914.pngFile:Military Merit Cross (Austria-Hungary).png
File:Military Merit Medal (Bavaria).pngFile:Military Merit Medal (Philippines).pngFile:Military Merit Medal (Vietnam).png
File:Military Merit Order (Bavaria).pngFile:Military Merit Order (Bavaria) (military officials).pngFile:Military Merit Order (Bavaria) (peacetime).png
File:Military Merit Order (Württemberg).pngFile:Military Order of Ayacucho, Commander.pngFile:Military Order of Ayacucho, Grand Officer.png
File:Military Order of Ayacucho.pngFile:Military Order of Christ (Portugal).pngFile:Military Order of Italy.png
File:Military Order of Italy (Commander) Modern.pngFile:Military Order of Italy (Grand Cross).pngFile:Military Order of Italy (Grand Cross) Modern.png
File:Military Order of Italy (Grand Officer) Modern.pngFile:Military Order of Max Joseph.pngFile:Military Order of St. Henry (Saxony).png
File:Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal.pngFile:Military William Order.pngFile:Military William Order Orange Lanyard.png
File:Millard F. Harmon (LTG).pngFile:Milton A. Reckord (MG - MANG) (1).jpgFile:Milton B. Halsey.jpg
File:Milton B. Halsey1.jpgFile:Mine Rescue Service Medal, 15 Years.pngFile:Minesweeper War Badge.png
File:Mitchell Stevenson.jpgFile:Mollus Medal1.pngFile:Montgomery C. Meigs (GEN).png
File:Monty and Hodges, outside Frist Army HQ.jpgFile:Mordecai Gist (BG).pngFile:Moritz Freiherr von Bissing.png
File:Moritz Freiherr von Bissing (2).pngFile:Moriz von Lyncker.pngFile:Moroccan Order of Ouissam Alaouite (Commander) (Present version).png
File:Moroccan Order of Ouissam Alaouite (Grand Cross) (Present version).pngFile:Moroccan Order of Ouissam Alaouite (Grand Officer) (Present version).pngFile:Moroccan Order of Ouissam Alaouite (Knight) (Present version).png
File:Moroccan Order of Ouissam Alaouite (Officer) (Present version).pngFile:Motor Transport Corps.pngFile:Mountain Troops Hat Badge.png
File:Mussert Bravery Cross.pngFile:Médaille Obilitch.pngFile:Médaille militaire.png
File:NATO Flag.pngFile:NATO Medal for the Former Yugoslavia.pngFile:NATO Meritorious Service Medal.png
File:NATO Training Mission - Afghanistan.pngFile:NC-4 Medal.pngFile:NEW YORK Conspicuous Service Cross.png
File:NEW YORK Conspicuous Service Medal.pngFile:NSDAP Long Service Medal for 10 years.pngFile:NSDAP Long Service Medal for 15 years.png
File:NSDAP Long Service Medal for 25 years.pngFile:NSDAP Party Badge (Basic).pngFile:NSDAP Party Badge (Gold).png
File:Narvik Shield.pngFile:Nathan Towson.jpgFile:Nathaniel P. Banks.jpg
File:Nathaniel R. Thompson (LTG1).pngFile:National Defense Service Medal.pngFile:National Defense Service Medal (1 Service Star).png
File:National Defense Service Medal (2SS).pngFile:National Defense Service Medal (full).jpgFile:National Defense Service Medal (medal only).png
File:National Order of Agricultural Merit (Commander) (France).pngFile:National Order of Agricultural Merit (Knight) (France).pngFile:National Order of Agricultural Merit (Officer) (France).png
File:National Order of Merit, Commander (France).pngFile:National Order of Merit, Grand Cross (France).pngFile:National Order of Merit, Grand Officer (France).png
File:National Order of Merit, Officer (France).pngFile:National Order of Merit (France).pngFile:National Order of Merit (Paraguay).png
File:National Order of Vietnam (I Class).pngFile:National Order of Vietnam (Knight).pngFile:National Order of Vietnam (Officer).png
File:National Security Medal.pngFile:National Training Center.pngFile:Naval Artillery War Badge.png
File:Naval Combat Clasp (Bronze).pngFile:Naval Combat Clasp (Gold).pngFile:Naval Combat Clasp (silver).png
File:Naval Reserve Meritorious Service Medal.pngFile:Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal.pngFile:Navy & Marine Corps Combat Action Ribbon.png
File:Navy & Marine Corps Commendation Medal.pngFile:Navy Cross.pngFile:Navy Distinguished Service Medal.png
File:Navy Distinguished Service Medal (1 Oakleaf).pngFile:Navy Distinguished Service Medal (full).jpgFile:Navy Expeditionary Medal.png
File:Navy Expert Pistol Shot Medal.pngFile:Navy Expert Rifleman Medal.pngFile:Navy Good Conduct Medal.png
File:Navy Pistol Marksmanship Ribbon.pngFile:Navy Rifle Marksmanship Ribbon.pngFile:Navy Sharpshooter Pistol Shot Medal.png
File:Navy Sharpshooter Rifle Ribbon.pngFile:Navy Short Range Battle Practice Medal.pngFile:Navy Unit Commendation.png
File:Navy and Marine Corps Medal.pngFile:Nazi Germany.pngFile:Nelson A. Miles (LTG).png
File:Nelson A. Miles (MG).pngFile:New York Army National Guard.pngFile:New York Guard.png
File:Nicaraguan Campaign Medal (1912).pngFile:Nicaraguan Campaign Medal (1933).pngFile:Ninth Army (United States).png
File:No Picture2.pngFile:No Ribbon.pngFile:Nobel Prize.png
File:Non-Commissioned Officer Professional Development Ribbon.pngFile:Norman E. Hendrickson (MG1).jpgFile:Norman E. Hendrickson (MG2).jpg
File:Norman E. Hendrickson (MG3).jpgFile:Norman Schwarzkope, Jr..pngFile:Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr. (LTG) (1).png
File:North African Theater.pngFile:Northern Light; Nov 1977.jpgFile:Northwest Service Command.png
File:Nuclear Deterrence Operations Service Medal.pngFile:Nuremberg Party Day Badge.pngFile:Observers Badge, Bronze (Luftwaffe).png
File:Observers Badge, Gold (Luftwaffe).pngFile:Observers Badge, Silver (Luftwaffe).pngFile:Office of the Secretary of Defense Identification Badge.png
File:Oglethorpe Distinguished Service Medal (Georgia).pngFile:Olinto M. Barsanti (MG - 5th US Army).pngFile:Olive-Grab Service Coat (Closed Collar).png
File:Olive green peaked cap1.pngFile:Oliver P. Echols.jpgFile:Oliver P. Smith.jpg
File:Oliver P. Smith1.jpgFile:Oliver P. Smith2.jpgFile:Omar Bundy (MG).png
File:Omar N. Bradley.jpgFile:Omar N. Bradley1.jpgFile:Omar N. Bradley (GEN) (1).png
File:Omar N. Bradley (GEN1).pngFile:Omar N. Bradley (GEN2).pngFile:Order Of The German Cross (Gold Class).jpg
File:Order St-Michael and St-George (UK).pngFile:Order of Academic Palms (Commander) (France).pngFile:Order of Academic Palms (Knight) (France).png
File:Order of Academic Palms (Officer) (France).pngFile:Order of Adolphe of Nassau, Commander.pngFile:Order of Adolphe of Nassau, Grand Cross.png
File:Order of Adolphe of Nassau, Grand Officer.pngFile:Order of Adolphe of Nassau, Officer.pngFile:Order of Adolphe of Nassau.png
File:Order of Aeronautical Merit (Bolivia).pngFile:Order of Aeronautical Merit (Brazil).pngFile:Order of Agricultural Merit.png
File:Order of Alexander Nevsky (USSR).pngFile:Order of Arts and Letters (Commander) (France).pngFile:Order of Arts and Letters (Knight) (France).png
File:Order of Arts and Letters (Officer) (France).pngFile:Order of Aviz, Commander.pngFile:Order of Aviz, Grand Cross.png
File:Order of Aviz, Grand Officer.pngFile:Order of Aviz, Officer.pngFile:Order of Aviz.png
File:Order of Berthold the First.pngFile:Order of Blue Sky and White Sun.pngFile:Order of Boyaca, Grand Officer.png
File:Order of Boyaca.pngFile:Order of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes (Cuba).jpgFile:Order of Christ (Brazil).png
File:Order of Christ (Portugal).pngFile:Order of Faithful Service Cross (Romania).pngFile:Order of George I.png
File:Order of George I (Commander).pngFile:Order of George I (Grand Cross).pngFile:Order of Homayoun.png
File:Order of Homayoun (Grand Cross).pngFile:Order of José Miguel Lanza.pngFile:Order of Kutuzov.png
File:Order of Leopold (Commander).pngFile:Order of Leopold (Grand Cross).pngFile:Order of Leopold (Grand Officer).png
File:Order of Leopold (Knight).pngFile:Order of Leopold (Officer).pngFile:Order of Leopold II, Commander.png
File:Order of Leopold II, Grand Cross.pngFile:Order of Leopold II, Grand Officer.pngFile:Order of Leopold II, Officer.png
File:Order of Leopold II (Belgium).pngFile:Order of Liberation.pngFile:Order of Louis (Hesse).png
File:Order of Louise.pngFile:Order of Malta.pngFile:Order of Maria-Anna (Saxony).png
File:Order of Maritime Merit (Commander) (France).pngFile:Order of Maritime Merit (Knight) (France).pngFile:Order of Maritime Merit (Officer) (France).png
File:Order of Menelik II (Ethiopia).pngFile:Order of Merit, Commander (Chile).pngFile:Order of Merit, Grand Cross (Chile).png
File:Order of Merit, Grand Officer (Chile).pngFile:Order of Merit, Officer (Chile).pngFile:Order of Merit (Austria) (type II).png
File:Order of Merit (Chile).pngFile:Order of Merit (UK).pngFile:Order of Merit for National Foundation.png
File:Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany (Grand Officer's Cross).pngFile:Order of Merit of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.pngFile:Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (Grand Cross).png
File:Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (Grand Officer).pngFile:Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (Grand Officer) modern.pngFile:Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland (Commander) (Modern).png
File:Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland (Grand Cross) (Modern).pngFile:Order of Michael the Brave.pngFile:Order of Military Merit, Grand Cross (Hungary).png
File:Order of Military Merit, Grand Cross (for Merit) (Cuba).pngFile:Order of Military Merit, white (Cuba).pngFile:Order of Military Merit (Bolivia).png
File:Order of Military Merit (Brazil).pngFile:Order of Military Merit (Brazil) (Commander).pngFile:Order of Military Merit (Brazil) (Grand Officer).png
File:Order of Military Merit (Cuba).pngFile:Order of Military Merit (Cuba) (Bravery in Combat).pngFile:Order of Military Merit (Cuba) (Continuous Service).png
File:Order of Military Merit (Cuba) (Good Conduct).pngFile:Order of Military Merit (Cuba) (Humanitarian Acts).pngFile:Order of Military Merit (Cuba) (Special Service).png
File:Order of Military Merit (Guatemala).pngFile:Order of Military Merit (Hungary).png
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