File:John N. Greely2.jpgFile:John Newton.jpgFile:John Norton (LTG).png
File:John P. Abizaid.jpgFile:John P. Daley1.jpgFile:John P. Daley (LTG).png
File:John P. Daley (MG) (1).pngFile:John P. Lucas.jpgFile:John P. Otjen (MG).png
File:John P. Story.jpgFile:John P. de Haas.pngFile:John Paterson (BG).png
File:John Pershing.jpgFile:John Q. Henion (LTG).pngFile:John R. Deane, Jr. (GEN).png
File:John R. Deane, Jr. (LTG).pngFile:John R. Galvin (GEN1).pngFile:John R. Guthrie (GEN - DARCOM).png
File:John R. Guthrie (LTG).pngFile:John R. Guthrie (LTG) (1).pngFile:John R. Hodge (GEN).png
File:John R. McGiffert II (LTG).pngFile:John R. Thurman III (LTG).pngFile:John Reed Kilpatrick.jpg
File:John Roosevelt (Lt), Van Ragsdale (RA) (8.18.45, Navy photo ACME).jpgFile:John S. Brown.jpgFile:John T. Myers, USA (LTG).png
File:John W. Barlow.jpgFile:John W. Bowen (MG).pngFile:John W. Foss (GEN).png
File:John W. Foss (GEN - FORSCOM).pngFile:John W. Gulick.jpgFile:John W. Gulick.png
File:John W. Gulick2.pngFile:John W. Hendrix (GEN - FORSCOM).pngFile:John W. Leonard (MG).png
File:John W. McEnery (LTG).pngFile:John W. McEnery (MG).pngFile:John W. Morris (LTG).png
File:John W. O'Daniel.jpgFile:John W. Vessey, Jr. (GEN).pngFile:John W. Vessey, Jr. (LTG).png
File:John W. Vessey.jpgFile:Johnnie E. Wilson.jpgFile:Johnnie H. Corns (LTG).png
File:Johnny J. Johnston.jpgFile:Johnny J. Johnston (LTG) (1).pngFile:Johnson Hagood.jpg
File:Joint Chiefs of Staff Identification Badge.pngFile:Joint Meritorious Unit Award.pngFile:Joint Meritorious Unit Award (1OLC).png
File:Joint Meritorious Unit Award (3OLC).pngFile:Joint Meritorious Unit Award (Air Force).pngFile:Joint Meritorious Unit Award (Navy).png
File:Joint Meritorious Unit Award streamer.pngFile:Joint Service Achievement Medal.pngFile:Joint Service Achievement Medal (medal only).png
File:Joint Service Commendation Medal.pngFile:Joint Service Commendation Medal (1OLC).pngFile:Joint Service Commendation Medal (medal only).png
File:Jonathan M. Wainwright IV (GEN).pngFile:Jonathan M. Wainwright IV (MG).pngFile:Jonathan O. Seaman.JPG
File:Jonathan O. Seaman2.pngFile:Jonathan O. Seaman (LTG - FUSA).pngFile:Jonathan W. Anderson.jpg
File:Jonathan Williams.jpgFile:Jonathan Williams1.jpgFile:Joseph A. Green.jpg
File:Joseph E. Bastion.jpgFile:Joseph G. Swift.jpgFile:Joseph G. Totten.jpg
File:Joseph Garrard.jpgFile:Joseph H. Harper.jpgFile:Joseph Howell, Jr..jpg
File:Joseph K. Mansfield (Painting).pngFile:Joseph L. Votel III (GEN - USSOCOM).pngFile:Joseph M. Cummins.jpg
File:Joseph M. Heiser, Jr. (MG).pngFile:Joseph M. Swing (LTG).pngFile:Joseph M. Swing (MG).png
File:Joseph P. Franklin.jpgFile:Joseph P. Tracy.jpgFile:Joseph R. Inge (LTG) (1).png
File:Joseph T. McNarney (GEN).pngFile:Joseph T. McNarney (GEN2).pngFile:Joseph T. McNarney (LTG).png
File:Joseph T. Palastra, Jr. (GEN - FORSCOM).pngFile:Joseph W. Kinzer.jpgFile:Joseph W. Stilwell1.JPG
File:Joseph W. Stilwell (GEN).pngFile:Joseph W. Stilwell (GEN2).pngFile:Josiah Harmar (BG).png
File:Julian J. Ewell.pngFile:Julian L. Schley.pngFile:Julian L. Schley2.jpg
File:Julius Riemann.pngFile:Julius Stahel.pngFile:Julius W. Becton, Jr. (LTG).png
File:KOREAN Order of Cultural Merit (I Class).pngFile:KOREAN Order of Military Merit, Chung Mu (current).pngFile:KOREAN Order of Military Merit (1963) IV Class.png
File:KOREAN Order of Military Merit (1963) V Class.pngFile:KOREAN Order of Military Merit (current) Teaguk.pngFile:KOREAN Order of Military Merit (current) Ulchi.png
File:KOREAN Order of Service Merit (I class).pngFile:Karl Ludwig d'Elsa.pngFile:Karl R. Horst.jpg
File:Karl Sachs.pngFile:Karl Truesdell, Sr..jpgFile:Karl W. Gustafson.jpg
File:Karl von Einem.pngFile:Karl von Einem (2).pngFile:Keith B. Alexander (GEN - DIRNSA & CCSS & COMUSCYBERCOM).png
File:Keith B. Alexander (LTG - NSA).pngFile:Keith D. Jones (California NG).jpgFile:Kendall J. Fielder.jpg
File:Kendall J. Fielder2.jpgFile:Kenneth B. Cooper (LTG).pngFile:Kenneth C. Leuer.jpg
File:Kenneth E. Tovo (LTG - SOUTHCOM).pngFile:Kenneth Strong, Giuseppe Castellano, Bedell Smith, Franco Montanari.jpgFile:Kenney C. Montoya.jpg
File:Kenyon A. Joyce.jpgFile:Kenyon A. Joyce1.pngFile:Kenzie W. Walker.jpg
File:Kevin R. Wendel.pngFile:Keyes, Clark (6.4.1944).jpgFile:King Albert Medal.png
File:King George VI, Admiral Hewitt, Jacob Devers (1944).jpgFile:King Ludwig Cross.pngFile:Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross.jpg
File:Korea Defense Service Medal.pngFile:Korean Communications Zone.pngFile:Korean Service Medal.png
File:Korean Service Medal (1 SS).pngFile:Korean Service Medal (2 SS).pngFile:Korean Service Medal (3SS, 1AH).png
File:Korean Service Medal (3 SS).pngFile:Korean Service Medal (4SS).pngFile:Korean Service Medal (4SS; arrowhead).png
File:Korean Service Medal (5SS).pngFile:Korean Service Medal (6SS).pngFile:Korean Service Medal (6SS & AH).png
File:Korean Service Medal (7SS).pngFile:Korean Service Medal (8SS).pngFile:Korean Service Medal (full).jpg
File:Korean War Service Medal.pngFile:Korean War Streamer.pngFile:Kosovo Campaign Medal.png
File:Kosovo Campaign Medal (2SS).pngFile:Kosovo Streamer.pngFile:Kuban Shield.png
File:Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait).pngFile:Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia).pngFile:LIFE 1.10.1964.jpg
File:LIFE 12.8.1941.jpgFile:LIFE 2.13.1956.jpgFile:LIFE 4.17.1964.jpg
File:LIFE 8.15.1955.jpgFile:LIFE 8.28.1950.jpgFile:LIFE 9.17.1945.jpg
File:LUXEMBOURG Order of Merit.pngFile:LUXEMBOURG Order of Merit (Grand Officer).pngFile:Labour Decoration.png
File:Labrador Base Command.pngFile:Lachlan McIntosh (MG).pngFile:Laetare medal.png
File:Lansing H. Beach.jpgFile:Lansing H. Beach2.jpgFile:Lansing H. Beach3.jpg
File:Lansing H. Beach4.jpgFile:Lappland Shield.pngFile:Larry R. Ellis (GEN).png
File:Larry R. Ellis (LTG).pngFile:Lawrence J. Lincoln (LTG).pngFile:LeRoy Lutes.jpg
File:Legion of Honor Fourragere (2 Citations).pngFile:Legion of Honour, Grand Cross.pngFile:Legion of Honour.png
File:Legion of Honour (Commander).pngFile:Legion of Honour (Grand Officer).pngFile:Legion of Honour (Officer).png
File:Legion of Merit.pngFile:Legion of Merit (1 Oakleaf).pngFile:Legion of Merit (2 Oakleaf).png
File:Legion of Merit (3SS).pngFile:Legion of Merit (4OLC).pngFile:Legion of Merit (Alaska).png
File:Legion of Merit (North Dakota).pngFile:Legion of Merit (OLC & Valor).pngFile:Legion of Merit (full).jpg
File:Legion of Merit (medal only).pngFile:Legion of Merit - Officer.pngFile:Legislative Medal of Honor (Texas).png
File:Leland S. Hobbs.jpgFile:Lemuel Mathewson (LTG).pngFile:Lemuel Mathewson (MG).png
File:Leo A. Brooks, Jr..jpgFile:Leon B. Kromer.jpgFile:Leon B. Kromer1.jpg
File:Leon B. Kromer2.jpgFile:Leon B. Kromer3.jpgFile:Leon B. Kromer (Lt.).jpg
File:Leon E. Salomon.jpgFile:Leonard Heaton.jpgFile:Leonard T. Gerow.jpg
File:Leonard T. Gerow (LTG) (1).pngFile:Leonard Wood (BG).pngFile:Leonard Wood (MG).png
File:Lesley J. McNair (LTG).pngFile:Leslie C. Smith.jpgFile:Leven C. Allen.jpg
File:Levin H. Campbell.jpgFile:Lewis A. Pick.pngFile:Lewis B. Hershey.jpg
File:Lewis B. Hershey (GEN).pngFile:Lewis W. Truman (MG) (1).pngFile:Lieutenant, junior grade (US Navy).png
File:Lieutenant (US Navy).pngFile:Lieutenant Colonel (Signal Corps).pngFile:Lieutenant Colonel (USA).png
File:Lieutenant Colonel (US Artillery).pngFile:Lieutenant Colonel (US Aviation).pngFile:Lieutenant Colonel (US Cavalry).png
File:Lieutenant Colonel (US Chaplain).pngFile:Lieutenant Colonel (US Chemical).pngFile:Lieutenant Colonel (US Engineers).png
File:Lieutenant Colonel (US Finance).pngFile:Lieutenant Colonel (US Infantry).pngFile:Lieutenant Colonel (US Medical).png
File:Lieutenant Commander (US Navy).pngFile:Lieutenant General (Germany).gifFile:Life Saving Medal.png
File:Life Saving Medal (Vietnam).pngFile:Lifesaving Medal (Prussia).pngFile:Lincoln Medal of Freedom.png
File:Lindsay M. Silvester.jpgFile:Lionel C. McGarr (MG).pngFile:Liège Medal.png
File:Lloyd B. Ramsey.jpgFile:Lloyd B. Ramsey2.jpgFile:Lloyd Fredendall.jpg
File:Lloyd J. Austin III.jpgFile:Lloyd J. Austin III (GEN - USCENTCOM).pngFile:Lloyd R. Fredendall (MG).png
File:London Base Command.pngFile:Lone Star Distinguished Service Medal (Texas).pngFile:Lone Star Medal of Valor.png
File:Long Range Day Fighter Clasp, Bronze (Luftwaffe).pngFile:Long Range Day Fighter Clasp, Gold (Luftwaffe).pngFile:Long Range Day Fighter Clasp, Silver (Luftwaffe).png
File:Long Service Medal (Arizona).pngFile:Long Service Medal (New Mexico).pngFile:Long and Honorable Service Medal (Illinois).png
File:Lorenzo D. Gasser (COL).pngFile:Louis C. Wagner, Jr. (GEN - AMC).pngFile:Louis Dupertail.png
File:Louis W. Truman (LTG) (1).pngFile:Louis W. Truman (MG).pngFile:Lt. Holbrook with his wife and son, Willard Jr., 1889.jpg
File:Lt. Willard Holbrook, 1895.jpgFile:Lucian K. Truscott.jpgFile:Lucius D. Clay (GEN).png
File:Ludwig Medal for Arts and Science.pngFile:Ludwig Order (Bavaria).pngFile:Ludwig von Falkenhausen.png
File:Ludwigbeck.jpgFile:Luftwaffe Long Service Medal, III & I Class.pngFile:Luftwaffe Long Service Medal, IV & II Class.png
File:Lunsford E. Oliver.jpgFile:Lyman L. Lemnitzer (GEN1).pngFile:Lyman L. Lemnitzer (MG).png
File:Lyman Lemnitzer1.pngFile:Lynn A. Collyar.jpgFile:Lytle Brown.jpg
File:MAAG Laos.pngFile:MOFW Medal.pngFile:MOLLUS Medal Ribbon.png
File:MOROCCAN Order of Ouissam Alaouite (Grand Officer) (Present version).pngFile:MOROCCO Order of Ouissam Alaouite, Grand Cross (modern).pngFile:MacArthur arrives in Yokohama.JPG
File:Macarthur Cadet.jpgFile:Macarthur Cadet1.jpgFile:Macarthur Cadet2.jpg
File:Macarthur Cadet3.jpgFile:Mackay Army Aviation Trophy Medal.pngFile:Magnolia Cross (Mississippi).png
File:Magnus von Eberhardt.pngFile:Major (Signal Corps).pngFile:Major (USA).png
File:Major (US Artillery).pngFile:Major (US Aviation).pngFile:Major (US Cavalry).png
File:Major (US Chaplain).pngFile:Major (US Chemical).pngFile:Major (US Engineers).png
File:Major (US Finance).pngFile:Major (US Infantry).pngFile:Major (US Medical).png
File:Major General (Germany).gifFile:Major General (USA).pngFile:Major General (USA, Infantry).png
File:Major General (US Chemical).pngFile:Major General (United States Volunteer).pngFile:Malin Craig.jpg
File:Malin Craig1.jpgFile:Malin Craig (GEN1).pngFile:Malin Craig (GEN2).png
File:Malin Craig (GEN3).pngFile:Manton S. Eddy 1951 (LTG).pngFile:Marc A. Cisneros.jpg
File:Marine Corps Brevet Medal.pngFile:Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal.pngFile:Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal (1SS).png
File:Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal.pngFile:Maritime Decoration 1914–1918.pngFile:Maritime Medal 1940–1945.png
File:Mark A. Milley (GEN - FORSCOM).pngFile:Mark Clark with group of generals.jpgFile:Mark L. Hersey.jpg
File:Mark P. Hertling (LTG).pngFile:Mark W. Clark (GEN).pngFile:Mark W. Clark (MG).png
File:Marksmanship Qualification Badge (Expert).pngFile:Marksmanship Qualification Badge (Marksman).pngFile:Marksmanship Qualification Badge (Sharpshooter).png
File:Marshall S. Carter.pngFile:Marshall S. Carter2.jpgFile:Marshall with Infantry School Staff.png
File:Martin E. Dempsey.jpgFile:Martin E. Dempsey (GEN).pngFile:Martin E. Dempsey (GEN - CJCS).png
File:Marvin D. Fuller (LTG).pngFile:Mary A. Legere (LTG).pngFile:Mary A. Legere (LTG - DCofS for Intelligence).png
File:Mason M. Patrick.jpgFile:Mason M. Patrick.pngFile:Master Diver.png
File:Master Flight Surgeon Badge.pngFile:Master Parachutist Badge.pngFile:Master Parachutist Badge (1 Jump).png
File:Master Parachutist Badge (2 Jumps).pngFile:Master Parachutist Badge (3 Jumps).png
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