File:Henry E. Eames.jpgFile:Henry E. Eames2.jpgFile:Henry E. Eames3.jpg
File:Henry E. Emerson (MG).pngFile:Henry H. Arnold.jpgFile:Henry H. Arnold (GEN).png
File:Henry H. Arnold (LTG).pngFile:Henry H. Arnold inspecting runway, Nov 1941.jpgFile:Henry H. Halleck (MG) by Jacob H. Lazarus.png
File:Henry H. Linden.jpgFile:Henry I. Hodes (BG).pngFile:Henry I. Hodes (BG2).png
File:Henry I. Hodes (GEN).pngFile:Henry J. F. Miller.jpgFile:Henry K. Craig.jpg
File:Henry Knox (MG).pngFile:Henry M. Robert.jpgFile:Henry T. Allen (MG).png
File:Henry T. Burgin.jpgFile:Henry Terrell, Jr..jpgFile:Henry W. Butner.jpg
File:Herbert A. Dargue.jpgFile:Herbert B. Crosby.jpgFile:Herbert B. Powell2.jpg
File:Herbert B. Powell4.JPGFile:Herbert B. Powell5.jpgFile:Herbert B. Powell (COL - 7th ID).png
File:Herbert B. Powell (GEN - CONARC).pngFile:Herbert B. Powell (LTG).pngFile:Herbert Deakyne.jpg
File:Herbert J. Brees (COL).pngFile:Herbert M. Lord.jpgFile:Hermann von Francois.png
File:Hermann von Stein.pngFile:Highseas FleetBadge.pngFile:Hobart R. Gay.jpg
File:Hobbs, Hodges, Corlett.jpgFile:Hodges, Baklanov 4-30-1945.pngFile:Hodges, Bradley (1.18.45).png
File:Hodges, Browning, Nov 30, 1944.jpgFile:Hodges, Collins, Rose.jpgFile:Hodges, Hay Boyle, Jack Thompson May 9, 1945.jpg
File:Hodges, Juin, March 9, 1945.jpgFile:Hodges, Montgomery, Simpson.jpgFile:Hodges, Rose March 24, 1945.jpg
File:Hodges, Tedder, Eisenhower, Montgomery.jpgFile:Hodges Lt. General (2).jpgFile:Hodges and Ruth B. Grinell.png
File:Hodges awards Bronze Star to Major Sylvan 3-29-1945.pngFile:Homeland Defense Service Medal (Texas).pngFile:Homeland Security Distinguished Service Medal.png
File:Homeland Security Distinguished Service Medal (medal only).pngFile:Homeland Security Medal (Alaska).pngFile:Honor Attendance Ribbon (1st type)&Honor Attendance Ribbon (1st type) (Arizona).png
File:Honor Attendance Ribbon (2nd type) (Arizona).pngFile:Honour Badge of Labour.pngFile:Honour Chevron for the Old Guard.png
File:Horace F. Bigelow.jpgFile:Horace H. Fuller.jpgFile:Horatio G. Wright.png
File:House Order of Fidelity.pngFile:House Order of Hohenzollern.pngFile:House Order of Hohenzollern (Medal only).png
File:House Order of Hohenzollern (non-combat).pngFile:House Order of the Wendish Crown.pngFile:Howard B. Bromberg (LTG).png
File:Howard D. Graves.jpgFile:Howard H. Cooksey (LTG).pngFile:Howard K. Loughry.jpg
File:Howard K. Loughy.jpgFile:Howard W. Penney.jpgFile:Hubert R. Harmon.jpg
File:Hugh B. Mott (MG - 30thAD).pngFile:Hugh L. Scott1.jpgFile:Hugh L. Scott10.jpg
File:Hugh L. Scott11.jpgFile:Hugh L. Scott13.jpgFile:Hugh L. Scott14.jpg
File:Hugh L. Scott15.jpgFile:Hugh L. Scott16.jpgFile:Hugh L. Scott17.jpg
File:Hugh L. Scott18.jpgFile:Hugh L. Scott19.jpgFile:Hugh L. Scott2.jpg
File:Hugh L. Scott20.jpgFile:Hugh L. Scott3.jpgFile:Hugh L. Scott4.jpg
File:Hugh L. Scott5.jpgFile:Hugh L. Scott6.jpgFile:Hugh L. Scott7.jpg
File:Hugh L. Scott8.jpgFile:Hugh L. Scott9.jpgFile:Hugh L. Scott (MG).png
File:Hugh L. Scott and William F. Cody.jpgFile:Hugh L. Scott with Wife.jpgFile:Hugh P. Harris, Berlin Officers' Club, 9.1956.jpg
File:Hugh P. Harris (GEN).pngFile:Hugh P. Harris (GEN2).pngFile:Hugh P. Harris (LTG - 7th Army).png
File:Hugh P. Harris (MG).pngFile:Hugh P. Harris is Introduced to VII Army Personnel (11.19.1963).jpgFile:Humanitarian Service Medal.png
File:Humanitarian Service Medal (Alaska).pngFile:Humanitarian Service Medal (Texas).pngFile:Humanitarian Service Ribbon (Georgia).png
File:Hunter Liggett (MG) (1).pngFile:III Armored Corps.pngFile:III Corps (DUI).png
File:III US Corps.pngFile:III US Corps (Alternative).pngFile:II Armored Corps.png
File:II US Corps.pngFile:ITALY Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (Grand Cross) (modern).pngFile:IV Armored Corps.png
File:IV US Corps.pngFile:IV US Corps (Alternative).pngFile:IX Corps (DUI).png
File:IX US Corps.pngFile:I Armored Corps.pngFile:I Corps (DUI).png
File:I Field Force, Vietnam.pngFile:I US Corps.pngFile:Iceland Base Command.png
File:Ike, Handy, Frankfurt, Germany (1.21.1951).jpgFile:Imperial Service Order.pngFile:Indian Campaign Medal.png
File:Indian Campaign Medal (full).jpgFile:Indian Campaign Medal (pre-1917 version).pngFile:Indian Wars Streamer.png
File:Infantry Assault Badge (bronze).pngFile:Infantry Assault Badge (silver).pngFile:Infantry Board 1931.png
File:Infantry Board 1932.pngFile:Infantry Board 1933.JPGFile:Infantry Bugle Insignia.png
File:Infantry School Patch.pngFile:Infantry School SSI.pngFile:Initial Active Duty Training Ribbon (Alaska).png
File:Innis N. Palmer.jpgFile:Innis P. Swift.jpgFile:Innis P. Swift2.jpg
File:Inter-American Defense Board Medal.pngFile:Ira C. Owens (LTG).pngFile:Ira Rader (LT).jpg
File:Ira T. Wyche.jpgFile:Iraq Campaign Medal.pngFile:Iraq Streamer.png
File:Iron Cross, 1813.pngFile:Iron Cross, 1939.pngFile:Iron Cross (Belgium).png
File:Iron Cross (Non-Combat).pngFile:Iron Cross 1939 clasp.jpgFile:Irving J. Phillipson.jpg
File:Isaac D. White (GEN).pngFile:Isaac Huger (BG).pngFile:Italo-German Campaign Medal.png
File:J. Franklin Bell (MG).pngFile:J. H. Binford Peay III (LTG1).pngFile:J. Lawton Collins (GEN).png
File:J. Lawton Collins (GEN1).pngFile:J. Lawton Collins (LTG - VII Corps).pngFile:J. Michael Bednarek.png
File:J. Michael Bednarek2.jpgFile:JAPAN Order of the Paulownia Flowers (Grand Cordon).pngFile:Jack C. Fuson (LTG).png
File:Jack N. Merritt (GEN - NATO Military Committee).pngFile:Jack N. Merritt (LTG).pngFile:Jack W. Heard.jpg
File:Jacob E. Fickel.jpgFile:Jacob J. Brown (MG).pngFile:Jacob L. Devers, De Gaulle.png
File:Jacob L. Devers.jpgFile:Jacob L. Devers1.jpgFile:Jacob L. Devers10.jpg
File:Jacob L. Devers11.jpgFile:Jacob L. Devers12.jpgFile:Jacob L. Devers15.jpg
File:Jacob L. Devers16.jpgFile:Jacob L. Devers17.jpgFile:Jacob L. Devers18.jpg
File:Jacob L. Devers19.jpgFile:Jacob L. Devers2.jpgFile:Jacob L. Devers20.jpg
File:Jacob L. Devers22.jpgFile:Jacob L. Devers23.jpgFile:Jacob L. Devers24.jpg
File:Jacob L. Devers25.jpgFile:Jacob L. Devers3.jpgFile:Jacob L. Devers4.png
File:Jacob L. Devers6.jpgFile:Jacob L. Devers7.jpgFile:Jacob L. Devers8.jpg
File:Jacob L. Devers9.jpgFile:Jacob L. Devers (GEN).pngFile:Jacob L. Devers (GEN1).png
File:Jacob L. Devers (LTG).pngFile:James A. Van Fleet (GEN).pngFile:James A. Van Fleet (MG) (1).png
File:James A. Woodruff.jpgFile:James B. Lampert.jpgFile:James B. Lampert (MG1).png
File:James B. Washington, George A. Custer.jpgFile:James C. Duane.jpgFile:James C. Magee.jpg
File:James C. McConville (MG - 101st Airborne Division).pngFile:James D. Alger (LTG).pngFile:James D. Alger (LTG) (1).png
File:James D. O'Connell (LTG).pngFile:James D. Thurman (GEN - CDRUNC & CDRCFC & CDRUSFK).pngFile:James D. Thurman (GEN - FORSCOM).png
File:James E. Chaney.jpgFile:James E. Chaney (MG).pngFile:James E. Fechet.jpg
File:James E. Moore (GEN - SHAPE).pngFile:James E. Thompson, Jr. (LTG).pngFile:James F. Collins (GEN - USARPAC).png
File:James F. McCall (MG).pngFile:James G. Harbord (MG).pngFile:James G. Ord.jpg
File:James G. Ord1.jpgFile:James H. Burns.jpgFile:James H. McRae (BG).png
File:James H. Polk (COL).pngFile:James H. Polk (GEN).pngFile:James H. Polk (GEN1).PNG
File:James I. Muir.jpgFile:James J. Lindsay.jpgFile:James J. Lindsay (GEN).png
File:James K. Woolnough (GEN - CONARC).pngFile:James K. Woolnough (LTG).pngFile:James L. Collins.jpg
File:James L. Richardson, Jr..jpgFile:James L. Richardson, Jr. (LTG) (1).pngFile:James L. Richardson, Jr. (LTG) (2).jpg
File:James M. Gavin (MG - VII Corps).pngFile:James M. Varnum (BG).pngFile:James P. Marley.jpg
File:James W. Ball.jpgFile:James W. Crysel (LTG) (1).pngFile:James W. Crysel (MG).png
File:James W. Monroe.pngFile:James W. Ripley.jpgFile:James W. Totten.jpg
File:James Warren.jpgFile:James Wilkinson (BG).pngFile:James Wilkinson (MG).png
File:Japan Logistical Command (created 8.24.50).pngFile:Jarman, Sanderford.jpgFile:Jay L. Benedict.jpg
File:Jeffrey J. Schloesser (MG - 101st Airborne Division).pngFile:Jerome B. Hilmes (LTG).pngFile:Jerome B. Hilmes (MG).png
File:Jerusalem Cross (plain medal).pngFile:Jimmy D. Ross (LTG).pngFile:Jj.png
File:Johann von Zwehl.pngFile:Johanniter Order.pngFile:John A. Dix.jpg
File:John A. Heintges (LTG).pngFile:John A. Kjellstrom (LTG).pngFile:John A. Lejeune (MG).png
File:John A. Lejeune (MG - 2ndID).pngFile:John A. Rogers.jpgFile:John A. Wickham, Jr. (GEN).png
File:John A. Wickham, Jr. (GEN1).pngFile:John A. Wickham, Jr. (painting).pngFile:John A. Wickham1.jpg
File:John A. Wickham2.jpgFile:John B. Coulter (LTG).pngFile:John C. Bard.jpg
File:John C. Bates (LTG).pngFile:John D. Bruen (LTG1).pngFile:John Doughty (Major).png
File:John Drum.jpgFile:John E. Dahlquist.jpgFile:John E. Hull (GEN).png
File:John E. Wool.jpgFile:John E. Wool (BG).pngFile:John F. Campbell (GEN - ISAF).png
File:John F. Campbell (GEN - VCSA).pngFile:John F. Campbell (MG).pngFile:John F. Campbell (MG - 101st Airborne Division).png
File:John F. Curry.jpgFile:John F. Forest.jpgFile:John F. Forrest (LTG) (1).png
File:John F. Uncles (LTG).pngFile:John G. Coburn.jpgFile:John Glover (BG).png
File:John Greaton (BG).pngFile:John H. Church.jpgFile:John H. Collier (BG).png
File:John H. Collier (BG1).pngFile:John H. Collier (LTG1).pngFile:John H. Cushman (LTG).png
File:John H. Hester.jpgFile:John H. Hilldring (MG).pngFile:John H. Hinrichs.JPG
File:John H. Michaelis3.jpgFile:John H. Michaelis (5.15.1951).JPGFile:John H. Michaelis (GEN - UNC & USFK & EUSA).png
File:John H. Michaelis (LTG).pngFile:John H. Moellering.jpgFile:John H. Tilelli, Jr. (LTG).png
File:John H. Towers (COM).jpgFile:John J. Hennessey (GEN).pngFile:John J. Kingman.jpg
File:John J. Pershing2.jpgFile:John J. Pershing (GEN).pngFile:John J. Pershing (GOA) (1).png
File:John J. Tolson III (LTG).pngFile:John K. Herr.jpgFile:John K. Waters1.JPG
File:John K. Waters2.jpgFile:John K. Waters3.jpgFile:John K. Waters4.jpg
File:John K. Waters5.jpgFile:John K. Waters6.jpgFile:John K. Waters7.png
File:John K. Waters8.pngFile:John K. Waters (GEN - CONARC).pngFile:John K. Waters (GEN - USARPAC).png
File:John L. Ballantyne III (LTG).pngFile:John L. DeWitt (LTG).pngFile:John L. Hines (MG).png
File:John L. Throckmorton.pngFile:John L. Throckmorton2.jpgFile:John L. Throckmorton (GEN).png
File:John L. Throckmorton (GEN1).pngFile:John M. Devine.jpgFile:John M. LeMoyne (LTG).png
File:John M. Riggs (LTG) (1).pngFile:John M. Riggs (MG).pngFile:John M. Schofield (LTG).png
File:John M. Schofield (MG).pngFile:John M. Willems (MG).pngFile:John M. Wilson.jpg
File:John M. Wright, Jr. (LTG).pngFile:John M. Wright, Jr. (LTG1).pngFile:John McKee (BG 1947).jpg
File:John Millikin.jpgFile:John N. Brandenburg (LTG).pngFile:John N. Greely.jpg
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