File:Flak Badge, Gold (Luftwaffe).pngFile:Flak Badge, Silver (Luftwaffe).pngFile:Fleet Admiral (US Navy).png
File:Fleet Marine Force Ribbon.pngFile:Flight Surgeon Badge.pngFile:Flora D. Darpino (LTG - JAG).png
File:Floyd L. Parks.jpgFile:Flyer's Commemorative Badge, Bronze (Luftwaffe).pngFile:Flyer's Commemorative Badge, Gold (Luftwaffe).png
File:Flyer's Commemorative Badge, Silver (Luftwaffe).pngFile:Follett Bradley.jpgFile:Fort Benning.JPG
File:Forum new.gifFile:Four Chaplains' Medal.pngFile:Four Days of the Yser Commemorative Medal.png
File:Four Star General Dress Epaulette, 1902.pngFile:Four Star General Dress Epaulette, 1917.pngFile:Four Star General Shoulder Knot, 1920.png
File:Fourteenth Army (United States).pngFile:Fourth Army (DUI).pngFile:Fourth Army (United States).png
File:Fox Conner (MG) (1).pngFile:Francis M. Day (MG) (1).pngFile:Francis M. McGoldrick.jpg
File:Francis W. Farrell (MG).pngFile:Francis Wilby.jpgFile:Frank A. Armstrong.jpg
File:Frank C. Mahin (BG).jpgFile:Frank Dorn (BG).pngFile:Frank E. Batts (MG - VANG).png
File:Frank J. Grass (GEN - CNGB).pngFile:Frank J. Sackton (LTG).pngFile:Frank M. Andrews (LTG1).png
File:Frank Parker2.jpgFile:Frank S. Besson, Jr. (GEN).pngFile:Frank S. Besson, Jr. (MG).png
File:Frank S. Bowen, Jr. (MG).pngFile:Frank T. Mildren (GEN).pngFile:Frank T. Mildren (LTG).png
File:Frank Tompkins.jpgFile:Frank W. Coe.jpgFile:Frank W. Milburn (MG).png
File:Franklin C. Sibert.jpgFile:Franklin L. Hagenbeck.jpgFile:Franklin L. Hagenbeck (LTG).png
File:Fred A. Gorden.jpgFile:Fred A. Gordon1.jpgFile:Fred C. Wallace.jpg
File:Fred C. Wallace1.jpgFile:Fred K. Mahaffey (GEN - REDCOM).pngFile:Fred Kornet, Jr. (MG).png
File:Fred L. Walker.jpgFile:Fred T. Austin.pngFile:Frederic H. Smith.png
File:Frederic H. Smith2.jpgFile:Frederic J. Brown, 1941 (as LTC).jpgFile:Frederic J. Brown, CG 6th Army, 63-65.jpg
File:Frederic J. Brown, CG V Corps, 1960.jpgFile:Frederic J. Brown, Jr. (LTG).pngFile:Frederic J. Brown II (LTG).png
File:Frederic V. Abbot.jpgFile:Frederick A. Irving.jpgFile:Frederick B. Hodges (LTG).png
File:Frederick B. Hodges (LTG - USAEUR).pngFile:Frederick C. Weyand.jpgFile:Frederick C. Weyand (GEN).png
File:Frederick C. Weyand (GEN2).pngFile:Frederick E. Uhl.jpgFile:Frederick E. Vollrath (LTG).png
File:Frederick F. Woerner, Jr. (GEN - USSOUTHCOM).pngFile:Frederick J. Kroesen, Jr. (GEN).pngFile:Frederick J. Kroesen, Jr. (GEN - FORSCOM).png
File:Frederick J. Kroesen (GEN - USAREUR).pngFile:Frederick L. Anderson.jpgFile:Frederick L. Martin.png
File:Frederick M. Harris.jpgFile:French Fourragere, Croix de Guerre (WWI).pngFile:Friedrich August Medal (Saxony).png
File:Friedrich Freiherr Kress von Kressenstein.pngFile:Friedrich Order (Württemberg).pngFile:Friedrich Sixt von Armin.png
File:Frock Coat Sleeve.pngFile:Frontbann Badge.pngFile:Frontline Driver's Badge (bronze).png
File:Frontline Driver's Badge (gold).pngFile:Frontline Driver's Badge (silver).pngFile:Fulton Q. C. Gardner.png
File:Fulton Q. C. Gardner2.jpgFile:GHQ AEF.pngFile:Gail Halvorsen.jpg
File:Gallant Unit Citation.pngFile:Gallantry Cross (Vietnam)(Palm).pngFile:Gallantry Cross (Vietnam).png
File:Gallantry Cross (Vietnam) (2 Bronze; 1 Gold).pngFile:Gallantry Cross Unit Citation (Vietnam).pngFile:Gallantry Cross Unit Citation (Vietnam) (Palm).png
File:Gallipoli Star (Ottoman Empire).pngFile:Garrison H. Davidson2.pngFile:Garrison H. Davidson3.jpg
File:Garrison H. Davidson4.jpgFile:Garrison H. Davidson5.pngFile:Garrison H. Davidson (LTG - Seventh Army).png
File:Garrison H. Davidson (LTG - USMA).pngFile:Garrison H. Davidson (LTG - USMA2).pngFile:Garrison H. Davidson (MG) (1).png
File:Gary D. Speer (LTG).pngFile:Gebirgsjäger Edelweiss Arm Patch.pngFile:General, Army Green (1957 - 2011).png
File:General, Olive drab (1917 - 1957).pngFile:General (US Army, 1866).pngFile:General (US Army, 1872).png
File:General Assault Badge.pngFile:General Headquarters, Air Force.pngFile:General Headquarters, Southwest Pacific.png
File:General Headquarters, Southwest Pacific (original).pngFile:General Headquarters Reserve.pngFile:General Honor Decoration (Hesse).png
File:General Honor Decoration (Prussia).pngFile:General Insignia (alternate 1980-1994).pngFile:General Insignia (alternate 1994-present).png
File:General Society of the War of 1812.pngFile:General of... (Germany).gifFile:General of the Armies2.png
File:General of the Army (USA).pngFile:General of the Army insignia.pngFile:Geoffrey Keyes.jpg
File:Geoffrey Keyes1.jpgFile:Georg Wichura.pngFile:George-Custer-001.jpg
File:GeorgePSeneffJr2.jpegFile:George A. Custer.jpgFile:George A. Custer0.jpg
File:George A. Custer10.jpgFile:George A. Custer11.jpgFile:George A. Custer12.jpg
File:George A. Custer13.jpgFile:George A. Custer14.jpgFile:George A. Custer15.jpg
File:George A. Custer16.jpgFile:George A. Custer17.pngFile:George A. Custer18.jpg
File:George A. Custer19.jpgFile:George A. Custer2.jpgFile:George A. Custer20.jpg
File:George A. Custer21.jpgFile:George A. Custer22.jpgFile:George A. Custer23.jpg
File:George A. Custer24.jpgFile:George A. Custer25.jpgFile:George A. Custer26.jpg
File:George A. Custer27.jpgFile:George A. Custer28.jpgFile:George A. Custer29.jpg
File:George A. Custer3.jpgFile:George A. Custer30.jpgFile:George A. Custer31.jpg
File:George A. Custer32.jpgFile:George A. Custer33.jpgFile:George A. Custer34.JPG
File:George A. Custer35.jpgFile:George A. Custer36.jpgFile:George A. Custer37.png
File:George A. Custer4.jpgFile:George A. Custer5.jpgFile:George A. Custer6.jpg
File:George A. Custer7.jpgFile:George A. Custer8.jpgFile:George A. Custer9.jpg
File:George A. Fisher, Jr. (MG).pngFile:George A. Lynch.jpgFile:George A. Lynch1.jpg
File:George A. Lynch2.jpgFile:George B. McClellan (MG).pngFile:George Bomford.jpg
File:George C. Dunhan.jpgFile:George C. Kenney (GEN).pngFile:George C. Marshall.png
File:George C. Marshall2.jpgFile:George C. Marshall (GEN3).pngFile:George C. Marshall (GOA1).png
File:George C. Scott (LTG).pngFile:George Custer, Nicolas Bowen, William G. Jones.jpgFile:George Custer and Alfred Pleasonton.jpg
File:George D. Ramsay.jpgFile:George E. Bush.jpgFile:George E. Lynch.jpg
File:George E. Pickett, Sr. (LTG).pngFile:George E. Stratemeyer (by Sidney Dickinson, 06.24.1983).pngFile:George F. Moore.jpg
File:George Gillespie.jpgFile:George H. Brett.jpgFile:George H. Brett (LTG).png
File:George H. Cameron.pngFile:George H. Decker.jpgFile:George H. Decker (GEN1).png
File:George H. Decker (GEN2).pngFile:George H. Estes.jpgFile:George H. Walker (MG).png
File:George I. Forsythe, Jr. (LTG).pngFile:George I. Forsythe.jpgFile:George M. Parker, Jr..jpg
File:George M. Seignious (LTG - Citadel).pngFile:George P. Seneff (MG).pngFile:George Patton, Lucian Truscott.jpg
File:George Patton, possibly Cortlandt Parker.jpgFile:George R. Mather (GEN - SOUTHCOM).pngFile:George R. Mather (LTG).png
File:George R. Sammet, Jr. (LTG).pngFile:George S. Blanchard (GEN).pngFile:George S. Eckhardt.jpg
File:George S. Patton, Jr..jpgFile:George S. Patton, Jr. (GEN2).pngFile:George S. Patton, Jr. (GEN3).png
File:George S. Patton, Jr. (LTG).pngFile:George S. Patton IV (COL) (1).jpgFile:George S. Patton IV (COL) (2).jpg
File:George S. Patton IV (MG) (1).jpgFile:George S. Patton IV (MG) (2).jpgFile:George S. Patton IV (MG) (4).jpg
File:George S. Patton Jr. (GEN) (1).pngFile:George Sammet, Jr. (MG).pngFile:George Talcott.jpg
File:George V. Strong.jpgFile:George V. Strong2.pngFile:George V. Underwood, Jr. (GEN).png
File:George Van H. Moseley (MG) (1).pngFile:George W. Casey, Jr. (GEN).pngFile:George W. Casey.jpg
File:George W. McIver.jpgFile:George W. Read, Jr. (BG) (1).pngFile:George W. Read.jpg
File:George W. Stilwell (LTG).pngFile:George Washington.jpgFile:George Washington (LTG).png
File:Gerald C. Brant.jpgFile:Gerald J. Higgins.jpgFile:Gerald St. C. Mickle (BG).png
File:Gerald T. Bartlett (LTG1).pngFile:German Empire.pngFile:German Italian African Campaign Medal.png
File:German Mother's Cross of Honour.pngFile:German Order.pngFile:German Social Welfare Decoration.png
File:German Sports Badge (present version).pngFile:Gilbert H. Woodward (MG).pngFile:Glen E. Edgerton.jpg
File:Glenn K. Otis (GEN).pngFile:Glenn K. Otis (GEN - TRADOC).pngFile:Glider Pilots Badge, Bronze (Luftwaffe).png
File:Glider Pilots Badge, Gold (Luftwaffe).pngFile:Glider Pilots Badge, Silver (Luftwaffe).pngFile:Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal.png
File:Global War on Terrorism Service Medal.pngFile:Global War on Terrorism Streamer.pngFile:Gold Lifesaving Medal.png
File:Golden Military Merit Medal (Wurttemberg).pngFile:Golden Wedding Anniversary Medal.pngFile:Golden Wedding of Wilhelm and Augusta, 1879.png
File:Good Citizenship Medal , Sons of the American Revolution.pngFile:Good Conduct Medal (New Mexico).pngFile:Gordon R. Sullivan.png
File:Gordon R. Sullivan2.jpgFile:Gordon R. Sullivan (GEN).pngFile:Gordon R. Sullivan (LTG).png
File:Gordon R. Sullivan (painting).pngFile:Gordon Sumner, Jr. (LTG).pngFile:Governor's Unit Citation (Texas).png
File:Governors Distinguished Unit Citation (Alaska).pngFile:Grand Ducal Hessian Order of Merit.pngFile:Greenland Base Command.png
File:Ground Assault Badge, Bronze (Luftwaffe).pngFile:Ground Assault Badge, Gold (Luftwaffe).pngFile:Ground Assault Badge, Silver (Luftwaffe).png
File:Group of Retired Generals, 1949.pngFile:Gruenther, Clark, Marshall, Truscott, Almond, McNarney, Crittenberger (1).jpgFile:Gruenther, Clark, Marshall, Truscott, Almond, McNarney, Crittenberger (2).jpg
File:Guard, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Identification Badge.pngFile:Gunther von Kirchbach.pngFile:Gustav H. Franke.jpg
File:Guy A. J. Laboa (BG).pngFile:Guy C. Swan III.jpgFile:Guy S. Meloy, Jr..jpg
File:Guy S. Meloy, Jr. (GEN).pngFile:Guy S. Meloy, Jr. (MG).pngFile:Guy V. Henry, Jr..jpg
File:Günther von Pogrell.pngFile:H. Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr. (GEN - USCENTCOM).pngFile:H. Steven Blum (LTG - MANG).png
File:H. Steven Blum (LTG - MANG) (2).pngFile:Haislip, Devers, Edward Brooks.jpgFile:Haitian Campaign Medal.png
File:Hal B. Jennings, Jr..pngFile:Haller Swords Medal (Poland).pngFile:Hamilton H. Howze1.jpg
File:Hamilton H. Howze3.pngFile:Hamilton H. Howze (GEN - UNC & USFK & EUSA).pngFile:Hamilton H. Howze (LTG).png
File:Hans Hartwig von Beseler.pngFile:Hans von Kirchbach.pngFile:Hanseatic Cross (Bremen).png
File:Hanseatic Cross (Hamburg).pngFile:Hanseatic cross (Lübeck).pngFile:Hanson E. Ely.jpg
File:Harold K. Johnson.JPGFile:Harold K. Johnson.pngFile:Harold K. Johnson2.jpg
File:Harold K. Johnson (GEN - Chief of Staff).pngFile:Harold R. Aaron (MG).pngFile:Harris, Burba.jpg
File:Harry E. Soyster (LTG).pngFile:Harry F. Hodges.jpgFile:Harry G. Bishop.jpg
File:Harry G. Bishop.pngFile:Harry G. Bishop2.pngFile:Harry H. Critz (MG).png
File:Harry H. Vaughan.jpgFile:Harry J. Malony.jpgFile:Harry K. Rutherford.jpg
File:Harry L. Gilchrist.jpgFile:Harry L. Steele.jpgFile:Harry P. Storke (civilian).png
File:Harry S. Truman, 1918.JPGFile:Harry Taylor.jpgFile:Harry W. Crandall (MG).png
File:Harry W. O. Kinnard.pngFile:Harvey H. Fischer (LTG).pngFile:Harvey H. Fischer (LTG-2).png
File:Harvey H. Fischer (LTG-3).pngFile:Harvey J. Jablonsky (MG).pngFile:Hawaiian Department.png
File:Hawaiian Division.pngFile:Haydon L. Boatner, Koje Island (5.21.1952).jpgFile:Haydon L. Boatner.jpg
File:Heer Long Service Award, III & I Class.pngFile:Heer Long Service Award, IV & II Class.pngFile:Heer Parachutist Badge.png
File:Helmuth von Moltke the Younger.pngFile:Henry A. Miley, Jr. (GEN).pngFile:Henry A. Miley, Jr. (MG).png
File:Henry Burbeck.jpgFile:Henry C. Corbin (LTG).pngFile:Henry C. Pratt.jpg
File:Henry Dearborn (MG).pngFile:Henry Doctor, Jt. (LTG).png
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