File:Bruce C. Clarke10.JPGFile:Bruce C. Clarke11.JPGFile:Bruce C. Clarke3.JPG
File:Bruce C. Clarke4.jpgFile:Bruce C. Clarke5.jpgFile:Bruce C. Clarke7.JPG
File:Bruce C. Clarke8.JPGFile:Bruce C. Clarke9.JPGFile:Bruce C. Clarke (GEN).png
File:Bruce C. Clarke (GEN2).pngFile:Bruce C. Clarke (GEN - CONARC).pngFile:Bruce Magruder.jpg
File:Bruce Palmer, Jr..jpgFile:Bruce Palmer, Jr.2.jpgFile:Bruce Palmer, Jr. (GEN).png
File:Bruce Palmer, Jr. (GEN2).pngFile:Bruno von Mudra.pngFile:Brunswick Rally Badge.png
File:Bryan R. Owens.jpgFile:Bryant E. Moore (MG).pngFile:Bundeswehr Cross of Honour.png
File:Burma Star.pngFile:Burton D. Patrick (MG).pngFile:Burwell B. Bell III (GEN).png
File:Byrant E. Moore.jpgFile:Byrd Antarctic Expedition Medal (1928-1930).pngFile:Byrd Antarctic Expedition Medal (1933-1935).png
File:Byrd Antarctic Expedition Medal (medal only).pngFile:CBI Theater patch.pngFile:CIA Insignia.png
File:Caleb Swan.jpgFile:Campaign Medal (Brazil).pngFile:Campaign Medal for 1813-1814 (combat).png
File:Campaign Medal for 1813-1814 (non-combat).pngFile:Campaign Medal for 1814.pngFile:Campaign Medal for 1815 (Waterloo).png
File:Campaign Medal for the War Against Peru.pngFile:Campbell B. Hodges2.jpgFile:Campbell B. hodges.jpg
File:Campbell King.pngFile:Captain (Germany).pngFile:Captain (Signal Corps).png
File:Captain (USA).pngFile:Captain (US Artillery).pngFile:Captain (US Aviation).png
File:Captain (US Cavalry).pngFile:Captain (US Chaplain).pngFile:Captain (US Chemical).png
File:Captain (US Engineers).pngFile:Captain (US Finance).pngFile:Captain (US Infantry).png
File:Captain (US Medical).pngFile:Captain (US Navy).pngFile:Cardenas Medal of Honor.png
File:Caribbean Defense Command.pngFile:Carl A. Spaatz (GEN).pngFile:Carl A. Spaatz (LTG).png
File:Carl C. Turner.jpgFile:Carl E. Vuono.jpgFile:Carl E. Vuono2.png
File:Carl E. Vuono (GEN - CSA).pngFile:Carl H. Jark (LTG).pngFile:Carl H. McNair.jpg
File:Carter B. Magruder (GEN).pngFile:Carter F. Ham (LTG).pngFile:Cavalry Service Medal (Texas).png
File:Centenary of National Independence Commemorative Medal.pngFile:Central Army Group Badge.gifFile:Certificate of Merit Medal.png
File:Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff.pngFile:Chalres C. Pixley (LTG).pngFile:Charles A. Corcoran (LTG).png
File:Charles B. Duff (LTG).pngFile:Charles B. Duff (LTG) (1).pngFile:Charles B. Eichelberger (LTG).png
File:Charles B. Lyman (BG).pngFile:Charles C. Campbell (GEN - FORSCOM).pngFile:Charles C. Clark.jpg
File:Charles C. Pixley (LTG) (1).pngFile:Charles C. Pixley (MG).pngFile:Charles D. Franklin (LTG).png
File:Charles D. Herron (BG).pngFile:Charles D. Palmer, Jr. (LTG).pngFile:Charles D. Palmer (GEN).png
File:Charles E. Branshaw (BG 1942).jpgFile:Charles E. Hart (LTG) (1).pngFile:Charles E. Kilbourne1.jpg
File:Charles E. Kilbourne2.jpgFile:Charles E. Kilbourne3.jpgFile:Charles E. Kilbourne4.jpg
File:Charles E. Kilbourne5.jpgFile:Charles E. Kilbourne6.jpgFile:Charles E. Kilbourne7.jpg
File:Charles E. Kilbourne8.jpgFile:Charles E. Kilbourne (5.22.43).jpgFile:Charles E. Kilbourne BG.jpg
File:Charles F. Thompson.jpgFile:Charles G. Dodge.jpgFile:Charles G. Dodge (LTG).png
File:Charles G. Dodge (LTG) (1).pngFile:Charles G. Dodge (LTG) (2).pngFile:Charles G. Dodge (LTG) (3).png
File:Charles G. Morton (MG) (1).pngFile:Charles Gratiot.jpgFile:Charles H. Bonesteel, II.jpg
File:Charles H. Bonesteel, Jr..pngFile:Charles H. Bonesteel III (GEN - UNC & USFK & EUSA).pngFile:Charles H. Bonesteel Jr..jpg
File:Charles H. Gerhardt (MG) (1).pngFile:Charles H. Gordon.jpgFile:Charles H. Jacoby, Jr. (GEN - CDRUSNORTHCOM & CDRNORAD).png
File:Charles H. Martin (MG).pngFile:Charles H. Martin (civilian).pngFile:Charles H. Whipple.jpg
File:Charles H. White.pngFile:Charles J. Simmons (MG).pngFile:Charles Kilbourne, Richard Marshall at change of command, VMI.jpg
File:Charles L. Bolte (GEN).pngFile:Charles L. Bolte (LTG).pngFile:Charles L. Scott.jpg
File:Charles L. Scott (1LT).jpgFile:Charles P. Hall.jpgFile:Charles P. Otstott (LTG).png
File:Charles P. Otstott (MG).pngFile:Charles P. Summerall, Fred W. Sladen.jpgFile:Charles P. Summerall (GEN).png
File:Charles P. Summerall (GEN1).pngFile:Charles S. Farnsworth.jpgFile:Charles S. Farnsworth1.jpg
File:Charles S. Lyman.jpgFile:Charles T. Harris, Jr..jpgFile:Charles T. Mehoner.jpg
File:Charles Tuffin (BG).pngFile:Charles W.G. Rich.jpgFile:Charles W. Bagnal (LTG).png
File:Charles W. Dyke (LTG).pngFile:Charles W. Eifler (LTG).pngFile:Charles W. G. Rich (BG).png
File:Charles W. G. Rich (MG).pngFile:Charles W. Whittington, Jr. (BG - MANG).pngFile:Charles Wesson.jpg
File:Charles Willoughby.pngFile:Charlotte Cross (Wurttemberg).pngFile:China Campaign Medal.png
File:China Campaign Medal (German Empire).pngFile:China Campaign Medal (medal only).pngFile:China Relief Expedition Medal (medal only).png
File:China Relief Expedition Streamer.pngFile:China Service Medal.pngFile:China Service Medal (medal only).png
File:China War Memorial Medal.pngFile:Chinese Air Force Flying Tiger Wings.pngFile:Cholm Shield.png
File:Christopher Gadsden.pngFile:Chuong My Medal (1st Class).pngFile:Chuong My Medal (Vietnam).png
File:Civic Cross II Class (Belgium).pngFile:Civic Cross I Class (Belgium).pngFile:Civic Decoration 1914–1918.png
File:Civic Guard Merit Medal.pngFile:Civic Medal III Class (Belgium).pngFile:Civic Medal II Class (Belgium).png
File:Civic Medal I Class (Belgium).pngFile:Civil Actions Medal (Vietnam).pngFile:Civil Actions Unit Citation (Vietnam).png
File:Civil Actions Unit Citation (Vietnam) (palm).pngFile:Civil Order of Saxony.pngFile:Civil War Campaign Medal.png
File:Civil War Campaign Medal (Alt.).pngFile:Civil War Streamer.pngFile:Civilian Disobedience Medal.png
File:Civilian Resistance Medal.pngFile:Claire E. Hutchin, Jr..jpgFile:Claire E. Hutchin, Jr.2.jpg
File:Claire E. Hutchin, Jr. (MG) (3).pngFile:Claire L. Chennault.jpgFile:Clarence C. Williams.jpg
File:Clarence L. Sturdevant.jpgFile:Clarence L. Tinker.jpgFile:Clarence R. Huebner (LTG).png
File:Clarence S. Ridley.jpgFile:Clark L. Ruffner.jpgFile:Clark L. Ruffner (GEN).png
File:Clark L. Ruffner (LTG-Third Army).pngFile:Clark L. Ruffner (MG).pngFile:Clark W. LeMasters, Jr..jpg
File:Claude E. Brigham.jpgFile:Claudia J. Kennedy (LTG).pngFile:Clement A. Trott (BG).png
File:Close Combat Clasp, Bronze (Luftwaffe).pngFile:Close Combat Clasp, Gold (Luftwaffe).pngFile:Close Combat Clasp, Silver (Luftwaffe).png
File:Close Combat Clasp (bronze).pngFile:Close Combat Clasp (gold).pngFile:Close Combat Clasp (silver).png
File:Clyde D. Eddleman.pngFile:Clyde D. Eddleman (GEN).jpgFile:Coast Guard Achievement Medal.png
File:Coast Guard Combat Action Ribbon.pngFile:Coast Guard Commendation Medal.pngFile:Coast Guard Cross.png
File:Coast Guard Distinguished Service Medal.pngFile:Coast Guard Good Conduct Medal.pngFile:Coast Guard Medal.png
File:Coast Guard Reserve Good Conduct Medal.pngFile:Coburg Badge.pngFile:Cold War Victory Ribbon (Alaska).png
File:Colin L. Powell (GEN - CJCS).pngFile:Colin L. Powell (GEN - FORSCOM).pngFile:Colleen L. McGuire.jpg
File:Collins, Barton, Rose, Hodges, Kean Nov 23, 1944.jpgFile:Collins, Hodges 4-27-1945.pngFile:Colonel (Signal Corps).png
File:Colonel (USA).pngFile:Colonel (US Artillery).pngFile:Colonel (US Aviation).png
File:Colonel (US Cavalry).pngFile:Colonel (US Chaplain).pngFile:Colonel (US Chemical).png
File:Colonel (US Engineers).pngFile:Colonel (US Finance).pngFile:Colonel (US Infantry).png
File:Colonel (US Medical).pngFile:Colonel General (Germany).gifFile:Colonial Service Medal (German Empire).png
File:Combat Action Badge.pngFile:Combat Development Command.pngFile:Combat Infantry Badge.png
File:Combat Infantryman Badge (x2).pngFile:Combat Infantryman Badge (x3).pngFile:Combat Medical Badge.png
File:Combat Readiness Medal.pngFile:Combat Service Ribbon (Texas).pngFile:Command Pilot Wings.png
File:Command Pilot Wings (basic).pngFile:Command and General Staff College.pngFile:Commandant's Letter of Commendation.png
File:Commander (US Navy).pngFile:Commemorative Cross for 1866 (combat).pngFile:Commemorative Cross for 1866 (non-combat).png
File:Commemorative Decoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Creation of the Railroads.pngFile:Commemorative Medal for 1864.pngFile:Commemorative Medal for Armed Humanitarian Operations.png
File:Commemorative Medal for Foreign Operations or Missions.pngFile:Commemorative Medal for the 100th Anniversary of the Belgian Postal Service.pngFile:Commemorative Medal for the 75th Anniversary of the Belgian Postal Service.png
File:Commemorative Medal for the Centenary of the Telegraphic Service.pngFile:Commemorative Medal for the European March of Memory and Friendship.pngFile:Commemorative Medal for the Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871 (combat).png
File:Commemorative Medal for the Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871 (non-combat).pngFile:Commemorative Medal of the 13th Royal Bavarian Infantry.pngFile:Commemorative Medal of the National Committee for Aid and Food.png
File:Commemorative Medal of the Reign of King Albert I.pngFile:Commemorative Medal of the Reign of King Leopold II.pngFile:Commemorative Medal of the War 1940–1945.png
File:Commemorative Military Medal for 1813, 1814, 1815.pngFile:Commendation Medal (Alabama).pngFile:Commendation Medal (Alaska).png
File:Commendation Medal (Georgia).pngFile:Community Service Medal (Alaska).pngFile:Community Service Ribbon (Arizona).png
File:Condor Legion Tank Badge (bronze).pngFile:Condor Legion Tank Badge (gold).pngFile:Condor Legion Tank Badge (silver).png
File:Confederate States of America seal.pngFile:Continental Air Command.pngFile:Cornelius E. Ryan (MG).png
File:Corporal Insignia.pngFile:Cortlandt V. R. Schuyler (GEN).pngFile:Counter Narcotics & Drug Support Service Ribbon (Georgia).png
File:Courtney H. Hodges30.jpgFile:Courtney H. Hodges31.jpgFile:Courtney H. Hodges39.png
File:Courtney H. Hodges Autograph.pngFile:Courtney Hodges Grave Sight.jpgFile:Creighton W. Abrams, Jr.2.jpg
File:Creighton W. Abrams, Jr. (LTC).JPGFile:Creighton W. Abrams.jpgFile:Creighton W. Abrams1.JPG
File:Creighton W. Abrams (GEN).pngFile:Creighton W. Abrams (GEN2).pngFile:Crimea Shield.png
File:Croix de Guerre 1914-1918.pngFile:Croix de Guerre 1914-1918 (2 Palms).pngFile:Croix de Guerre 1914-1918 (3 Palms).png
File:Croix de Guerre 1914-1918 (Palm).pngFile:Croix de Guerre 1939-1945, palm.pngFile:Croix de Guerre 1939-1945.png
File:Crosbie E. Saint (GEN).pngFile:Cross for Loyal Service (Schaumburg-Lippe).pngFile:Cross of 1872.png
File:Cross of Honor (Germany).pngFile:Cross of Honor (Widows & Parents) (Germany).pngFile:Cross of Honour for Military Service Abroad, III Class.png
File:Cross of Honour for Military Service Abroad, II Class.pngFile:Cross of Honour for Military Service Abroad, I Class.pngFile:Cross of Merit with Swords (Poland).png
File:Cross of Valour (Greece).pngFile:Cross of War (Luxembourg).pngFile:Cross of War 1914–1918.png
File:Cross of War 1914–1918 Palm.pngFile:Cross of War 1939-1945 Fourragère (2 citations).pngFile:Cross of War 1940-1945.png
File:Cross of War 1940-1945 (palm).pngFile:Cross of War 1940-1945 Belgian Fourragère (2 citations).pngFile:Cross of War 1954-Present (Belgium).png
File:Cross of the Mount of Olives.pngFile:Cuban Pacification Medal (medal only).pngFile:Curt Ludwig Freiherr von Gienanth.png
File:Curtis M. Scaparrotti.jpgFile:Curtis M. Scaparrotti1.jpgFile:Curtis M. Scaparrotti (GEN - UNC & USFK).png
File:Custer, wife Libby, Thomas Custer.JPGFile:Custer, wife Libby, cook Eliza.pngFile:Custer, wife Libby.jpg
File:Custer, wife Libby2.jpgFile:Custer, wife Libby3.jpgFile:Custer, wife Libby4.jpg
File:Cyber Command.pngFile:Dan C. Kingman.jpgFile:Dan K. McNeill (GEN - FORSCOM).png
File:Daniel B. Allyn (GEN - FORSCOM).pngFile:Daniel B. Allyn (GEN - VCSA).pngFile:Daniel B. Strickler (LTG) (2).jpg
File:Daniel B. Strickler (MG).pngFile:Daniel E. Long, Jr. (MG - VANG).pngFile:Daniel I. Sultan.jpg
File:Daniel I. Sultan1.jpgFile:Daniel I. Sultan2.jpgFile:Daniel I. Sultan3.jpg
File:Daniel J. Petrosky.jpgFile:Daniel Morgan (BG).pngFile:Daniel Noce (LTG).png
File:Daniel Strickler, 28th Dvision CG.jpgFile:Daniel Van Voorhis.pngFile:Daniel W. Christman.jpg
File:Daniel W. Flagler.jpgFile:Dann A. Starry (GEN).pngFile:Danzig Cross.png
File:Danzig Cross (Full).pngFile:Dave R. Palmer.jpgFile:Davenport Johnson.jpg
File:David A. Bramlett.jpgFile:David A. Bramlett (GEN - FORSCOM).pngFile:David B. Haight.jpg
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