Fourth Service Command
4th Service Command
Basic Information
Created August 20, 1920
Country 20px United States
Allegiance 20px United States Army
Branch Regular Army
Type Service Command

Service Command


United States Army

  • Activated : August 20, 1920
  • Inactivated :

Shoulder Sleeve InsigniaEdit

Description : blue circle with white square inside, the square has curved inward sides and squared off corners, then a smaller matching blue square inside the white one 90 degrees to the white one.

Symbolism :

Commanding General (s)Edit

Commanding General, Fourth Corps Area

Name Garrison/HQ Begin Date End Date
MG George G. Read [[File:
MG John F. Morrison [[File:
BG Walter H. Gordon [[File:
MG David C. Shanks [[File:
BG Albert J. Bowley, Sr. [[File:
MG Douglas MacArthur [[File:
BG Albert J. Bowley, Sr. [[File:
MG Johnson Hagood [[File:
BG Albert J. Bowley, Sr. [[File:
MG Malin Craig [[File:
BG Albert J. Bowley, Sr. [[File:
MG Richmond P. Davis [[File:
BG Harold B. Fiske [[File:
MG Frank R. McCoy [[File:
MG Edward L. King [[File:
BG James H. Reeves [[File:
MG George V. H. Moseley [[File:
BG Robert O. Van Horn [[File:
MG Stanley D. Embick [[File:
MG John P. Smith [[File:

Commanding General, Fourth Service Command

Name Garrison/HQ Begin Date End Date
MG William Bryden [[File: Atlanta, Georgia 19 Mar, 1942 15 Jan, 1944
MG Frederick E. Uhl [[File: Atlanta, Georgia 15 Jan, 1944 30 Jul, 1945
MG Edward H. Brooks [[File: 1 Jun, 1945
[[]] [[File:


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